ivf success rates over 40 with donor eggs

IVF success rates over 40 with donor eggs – egg IVF vary from person to person and from the body’s carrying capacity and also by age. On the other hand, pregnancy success rates obtained in IVF cycles using the woman’s own eggs stands between 35-43 %, the rates of donor-egg IVF cycles may increases to 55-63% approximately.

ivf success rates over 40 with donor eggs
ivf success rates over 40 with donor eggs

At 40 With Donor’s eggs

Age Limits is not a big issue while looking for IVF Treatment but mostly doctors also recommend some mothers to prefer own eggs instead to use donor’s eggs even somehow at the age of around 42 to 45 years if the mother’s body is producing sound and healthy qualitative and quantitative eggs.

Also, in some cases, the use of donor’s eggs will be recommended as if the mother’s body is not producing a probationary and productive quality of eggs and the body is contempt for doing such kind of acts as the body reaches enough stage of maturity.

As at the age of  40,  chances of conceiving within a year is about 40 % to 50 %, compared with a woman of about 30 years of age, who has a 75%  chances to get pregnant as somehow double the chances at 30 years of age. By age of 43 years, a woman’s chance of pregnancy plummets to 1% or 2 %.


In the early age of  30 years, the chances of getting pregnant are only less minimum than in your late 20 years, and your risk of having a miscarriage is someway greater than early or in mid 20 years of age. But at 35 years decline in fertility begins to maximize.


With proper blood tests and ultrasound and some other kind of tests, doctors will get to know about the quality of eggs whether it is poor or fine must be determined by doctors while having these tests regularly.

It can be also helpful for the doctors to get to know about the quality of eggs in the early stage or the younger woman’s body will also be most productively known.


Mostly women’s who get pregnant at  50 years only be possible through in vitro fertilization. And given that the average age for menopause is 51, most of the aged women’s used fresh eggs of donors in order to conceive.

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