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Shah Rukh Khan journey towards surrogacy:-

we all are on the journey of something, some one ‘s journey is toward their education, goal, someone journey to reach their beloved. and every journey has their own destination that everyone makes. All journeys have the certain wishful desire and achieve that desire is the ultimate aim of our destiny. Very similarly to surrogacy, it is also a blissful journey. sahu khan the most brilliant and multitalented in the art of acting, producer, dancer and a good father.  A big name in the Indian cinema who has done an excellent work in re-shaping India cinema. however, he has made sever groundbreaking film such as the main hoon naa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Om Shanti Om. And undoubtedly he is incredibly talented and renown name in the INDIA cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan journey of surrogacy
Shah Rukh Khan journey towards surrogacy

What is most interesting to know about Shah Rukh Khan apart from cinema is recently surrogacy participation:-

stated about the experience of surrogacy.  a wife of Shah Rukh Khan who has tried to safe pregnancy for  2 years but failed to get another baby.  at first, the couple had thought to have adaptation but rather going for adoption, the couple has made their mind for surrogacy. In spite of having two child Aryan and suhan.  And recently express his joy to have a beautiful boy. He said it is a wonderful experience and feeling of great ecstasy to have a beautiful baby.

What is surrogacy:-

surrogacy is one of the more assisted reproduction technique, which is widely used in order to have a safe and healthy baby.  the couple who have constantly failed to deliver a bay by safe pregnancy process may look for surrogacy.  Taking about its process, father’s sperm and mother’s egg are mixed by IVF procedure and the resulted embryo is than implant into the maternal uterus and finally, when the child takes birth, it is genetically related to the intended couple. and biological matched with a couple. taking about its uses, there are two types of surrogacy available one is called gestational surrogacy and other is called traditional surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy:

in traditional surrogacy, the process simply begins by taking father‘s perm and then used for artificial insemination.  When the intended father’s sperm are used for insemination. The only disadvantage of opting for traditional surrogacy is when the child takes birth. The resulted baby is more likely related to the surrogate mother. And in some of the cases when the child takes birth, during the time of surrogacy, there is emotional bondage create between mother and son and later, refused to entrust to intended couple.

Gestational surrogacy:-

in gestation surrogacy, it has served a golden opportunity to all intended couple who are looking for a way to get a baby. the process of gestation surrogacy are carefully done with the help of father’s sperm and mother’s sperm is taken together in the laboratory and then resulted embryo is then transferred into mother uterus. And when the resulted child takes birth, the baby is genetically related to the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy has a high success rate:-

surrogacy compare to all form of treatment, it has achieved high success rate in term of giving birth of a baby.

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