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intrauterine insemination  in Delhi is one of the best fertility treatments by providing the more assisted reproduction technique, which further helps to conceive .with the help of IUI treatment, there is increase in the number of sperm that reaches to fallopian tube and this helps to promote the chances of fertilization. in the existing time, there is significant increase in the number of infertility case, and due to lack of knowledge, or proper treatment. The disease gets more complex and hard to heal. By blindly follow unnecessary treatment, instead of healing, it gets more and more worst. And then reaching the point, where infertility reach to compete lost of sperm, can sometimes become hard to cure.

IUI Treatment Delhi how much does cost of intrauterine insemination
IUI Treatment

Through IUI treatment is primarily useful for male infertility treatment, the process of IUI treatment in Delhi begins by transferring specially washed semen into the uterus of mother to facilitate the process of fertilization.

IUI treatment in Delhi and it comprehensive benefit:-

Male infertility treatment n Delhi:-  the treatment primarily works to heal male infertility, which is very prevalent among male. As there are several reasons for infertility such as low sperm count, poor health sperm.  However, with the help of IUI treatment in Delhi infertility can be healed.  The process is relatively very easy and safe, it begins by taking the semen sample for a lab to evaluate. Further, in the laboratory, the sperm is evaluated to check the amount of sperm and number of sperm that is found in the male. And with this process, you are also required to go through general physical test including semen analysis, blood test.

Cervical fluids:–  when cervical fluid is found less than ideal to achieve safe pregnancy. Due to lack of cervical fluid, the chances of infertility may rise and another factor also led to infertility such as regulation consumption of fertility drugs, the side effect of drugs.

Cervical mucus is found useful to achieve the successful pregnancy, it helps to create ideal environment, where semen can develop and move easily.

Before the ovulation, cervical fluid is likely to increase and become raw egg white. It is cervical mucus which helps to nourish sperm cell and improve the ability to go through easily into the cervical canal. While any difficulty in the mucus may hamper pregnancy. stated by the researcher, it is found that approximately 18% of female are caused by cervical mucus infertility.

IUI is not suggested by the doctor in the following condition:-

1 If the woman suffers from the blocked fallopian tube.  The fallopian tube is a thin tubes fund on each side of the uterus of woman .and it helps further to lead mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. If any obstruction prevents egg traveling down the tube, fallopian tube occurred.

2 Pelvic infections

The success rate of IUI treatment in Delhi:-

The success rate of IUI treatment is relatively good. However, The success rate of IUI treatment is 40 to 50 %. Depending upon the complexity of the disease. if the complexity rises to such an extent, where several treatments have failed. You may look for IUI as a better option to conceive. As it is very easy or safe and does not require much time.

Cost of IUI treatment in Delhi:-

The cost of IVF is affordable and at the reach of an infertile couple, the cost of IUI treatment is approximately $800. However, the cost of IUI treatment may vary from clinic to clinic.


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