Embryo Donor Cost in Chennai

Procedure for Embryo donation

Embryo is a third party reproduction procedure or a donor reproductive procedure. It is mainly a voluntary reproduction procedure and voluntary donation process from a couple who has sucessfully completed the process of IVF and has stored their embryo to conceive the female at some future date but due to any personal reason the couple don’t agree to become parents and wants to donate their embryo to some other couple who are in need of the embryo and can be free to choose or to freeze their embryo for future use.

embryo donor cost in Chennai 2018
embryo donor cost in Chennai 2018

But some choose to give them away to some other childless couples who are in need of the child so it will be very much considered to be the baby born from the embryo and the baby of the recepient and not the donor. This brings the door for impregnanting woman who finds it difficult to get pregnant even with the process for IVF to be done for the treatment to be done in such a regard.

The method that is used to freeze embryo is called as Vitrification, this is the way in which the embryo could be frozen at a very low cost and then used in future by the donors as well or by the third party recepients.

Donated embryo should be needed by the couples who are in need as IVF cycle and treatments fails and in that case, pregnancy with donated embryo to be taken from the people who donot want to go through the adoption process which is a lengthy procedure and also don’t have the costly process of IVF to be afforded as don’t have the money to pay for infertility process.

Embryo Donor database

Embryo donor database in Chennai is the highest success rate with more or less chances for the successation and for getting the resultant provisions relating to it as we are having more than 20000 successful cases for the donor embryo in our clinic to be solved by our team of experts in the clinic of Chennai to get the better resultant database and it must be the aim of the experts in clinic at Chennai is to provide maximum number of fertility ratio by eliminating infertility upto the maximum level and at maximized and most cooperative and adjusted for future security to be prevented with such kind of promotional techniques to be programmed with most and even more and more successful results to be maintained for the adjustments to be made with highest success rates and ratios or the amount within the clinic to be made appropriative for having the best and more success results to be obtained by more and more success results made thereby and there with best promotional criteria to be promoted for the clinic in Chennai for getting the best results in the more successful cases.

For how long do the patient need to stay in the hospital for the treatments?

The donation procedure for embryo should take about 10 to 12 days to complete with the rest taking all the process and also with the medicines procedure to be included in this time period. For embryo donation procedure to be completed only the female should be required to stay at the hospital for the treatments and the medicines procedure to be completed for Embryo Donor in Chennai and it will take about 10 to 12 days and within this period the enometrium prepration procedure will be done and also even the process to be completed doctors should advise the female to be in Chennai only for minimum time period of about 2 days that means 48 hours to be stayed in Chennai for the procedure to be completed well.

Cost of Embryo Donor

The embryo donor cost in Chennai is however no cost at all as donating the embryo should be a gift to the family you must choose to give the gift to the family within such an affordable amount of about INR 20000 which must be an affordable amount for all the couples facing infertility and also for the couples who are unable to afford IVF treatments should have the option to opt for the embryo donation procedure. But most of the programs are also there which provides neither the cost of reimbursement or IVF charges nor the storage cost as well. As some donors take the storage costs which they paid for embryo to be alive and which they made liable for donation.

After signing the contractual agreement and placing the embryo to some other family who are in need of the embryo, in that case embryos become their responsibility and the storage costs as well will be payable to the adopting couple who adopts the embryo should pay the storage costs and also all the remaining costs as well

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