How Much Does Fertility Drug Cost in Kolkata

Fertility drug cost in Kolkata 2018
Fertility drug cost in Kolkata 2018

Marked down cost of fertility drugs in Kolkata-

Kolkata is one of the huge and leading centres of industry, education and various treatments as well. Those couples who do not have the ability to conceive their own could be referred as infertile duo or sterile couple.  Pregnancy is the golden time of each one’s female life and each woman wants to have this phase in her life. Many females do not able to perform healthy cycle of pregnancy or could not achieve it due to several reasons. Fertility drugs are given to those women who are facing difficulty in becoming pregnant. Fertility drugs stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, resultant better fertilization.

Fertility drugs are prescribed for those sterile women who-

  • Have improper ovulation
  • Heavy weight or underweight or excess work-out
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Problem with LH and FSH levels.

Cut-price of fertility drugs in Kolkata-

Fertility drugs are the first and basic treatment to untangle the issue of female infertility. Even if you already use another methodology to spice up your probabilities of obtaining pregnant, like going through in vitro fertilization or ICSI, fertility medication are still a crucial part of treatment. Fertility drugs cost in Kolkata is cost-effective and under budget of each sterile couple’s pocket. It can be easily affordable by infertile duo. Fertility drug cost in Kolkata is INR 8,000 – 12,000.

Some fertility drugs which are commonly used by fertility experts-

There are several fertility drugs that are used to stimulate the ovaries, out of them Clomiphene citrate (Clomid, Serophene) is the most common prescribed drug for sterile female. These drugs are recommended when the female partner is not at all ovulating or very irregular. Clomid causes the endocrine gland to secrete additional follicle stimulating secretion (FSH) that starts the development of ovarian follicles. If this drug works, biological process happens and your ovary can unleash eggs. Approx 65-85% of women who take clomiphene will ovulate, and about half will be able to get pregnant. Most pregnancies happen within three cycles. Like other fertility drugs, Clomid can have the chances of multiple births.

Human menopausal gonadotropins could also be prescribed if Clomid fertility drug doesn’t work or you’ve got problems along with your gonadotropic hormone and gonadotropin levels or if you’re undergoing IVF or IUI. Follicle stimulating secretion (FSH) is another commonly-prescribed drug for females, given by injection, this hormone works by stimulating the ovaries to supply additional follicles and thereby, more eggs. Injected hormones such as HCG, FSH, Human menopausal gonadotropins can either be injected into the muscle, beneath the skin, on stomach, upper arm, or buttocks.

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