Fertility Treatment for Singles


Fertility Treatment According to Law

There are many few countries who legalized the surrogacy in their country and especially for singles because according to the law there are many countries where fertility treatment for singles are not legal and the option is including most of the treatment IVF, IUI, ICSI, GIFT, ZIFT, TET< FET and the surrogacy procedure. Yes in many countries the other treatment are legal and the patient either from the same country or from the other country but the surrogacy law is totally different in each and every country so for it look at the surrogacy law according to the country and the patient can easily contact us.

Surrogacy Procedure for the Indian Citizens

According to the law now surrogacy treatment is only available for the Indian citizen in India and the one who is married at least two years but there are no changes in the commercial as well as the altruistic surrogacy both the surrogacy is available in India with the complete health services.

We are the largest nation that has the longest chain of a surrogate mother. We are ensuring that the patient can easily get the profile matching surrogate mother according to the condition.

Surrogacy procedure for the oversea client

Surrogacy process in India is totally different from the other countries, but the law and the legalities of surrogacy process are also different in the other countries. For the best and the trustworthy services we there are many agencies that are present in the following countries only to make your path easy and trouble free.

Surrogacy law in Russia

As being the largest nation of the world, the law and the legal facility of surrogacy in Russia are very flexible and cooperative. Surrogacy is legal of Gay, single, married and unmarried people in Russia.

Surrogacy law in Mexico

Gay, single, Married and unmarried  surrogacy is legal for them in Mexico the law facility is specially designed for benefit of the citizens, before selecting the option of surrogacy the patient have to face some question and the question is including why any couple or gay or a single person wants to select surrogacy procedure and if the government finds out a valid reason so they approve the request of the patient and then the patient is free to have surrogacy process at their own self even this freedom is also provided by us.

Surrogacy law in the US

Single parents surrogacy is legal in the US either the patient is aboriginal or the overseas patients the surrogacy process is same for every person.

Surrogacy law in Ukraine

The surrogacy law is legal only for a married couple in Ukraine, but the other legalities of the surrogacy are legal for commercial and the altruistic surrogacy is legal and the couple can easily get FRRO exit, baby passport, and the baby birth certificate very easily without any kind of trouble. For the surrogacy treatment, the couple has to show their marriage certificate and that should be approval from the government as well.

Surrogacy Law in Georgia

Surrogacy is legal for the married couple only in Georgia at least those who are already married from the last two years and for the treatment of surrogacy the couple required to show their marriage certificate to the government.

For the complete procedure GestationalSurrogacyIndia is the perfect place as the name suggest that the gestational surrogacy India it means we are not only interested in the gestational but in the other surrogacy type of surrogacy as well with the complete policies and us will guide the patient in the right direction so in case we are applicable for it.

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