GIFT the best healing solution for the Infertility in India

By seeing the prevalent condition of infertility, it is sad to say that none of the fertility treatment can serve the healing solution to their concern, it is often seen, that couple gets stumble upon bogus and awry medical center, and what they do is ‘’suggest  unhealthy way of treatment, which  make disease more worse. As in today’s world where poor lifestyle, eating habit lead the path of infertility. What becomes the famous trend among youth is eating junk food, negligence of workout, consumption of fast food, smoking drinking and so on. From the fertility expert doctor, these are the prime cause of infertility. However, you either take any fertility treatment for fertility drugs, you are advised to take care of your food habit or lifestyle.

Gift Treatment India
Gift Treatment India

Among the all prevalent treatment gift is one of the helpful treatments, which works to heal infertility.

What is Gift:-

zygote intrafallopian tube is quite similar to IVF (in vitro fertilization) by using this procedure egg is first fertilized in a lab before the doctor places inside the fallopian tube. When the egg gets fertilized it is called zygote. It is one of the treatments which is widely used for the treatment.

Gift, it can be the good option for the female, if she has at least one open fallopian tube and used other treatment, but not proved successful. It can be a beneficial treatment if you have any of this infertility treatment.

If you may suffer from unexplained infertility.

If the female suffers from ovulation disorder:- is a prime cause of infertility in woman.   The disorder can be noticed, when the woman faces irregular cycle and occasional ovulation or in some cases complete loss of ovulation and menses.


Is female disease, which is found in woman, endometrioses like tissue are developed outside of the uterus. it is a painful disease, which is found common during the time of pregnancy. endometriosis involve fallopian tube and in the tissue lining pelvis.

And In case of the cervical problem;– the cervical problem it is common when the age of woman get older, I affect joints and disc in your cervical spine. The problem of endometriosis occurred due to wear and tear of cartilage.

Gift treatment in India is also useful if your partner has a low sperm count. What makes different from other prevailing treatment is that the treatment does not occur outside of the body but rather inside of your body.

What is the process of GIFT in India and how does it work.

Ovary stimulation:- you are allowed to take fertility medication to grow multiple mature eggs and hamper your body to release egg too quickly. While going through medication. You are required to visit the clinic every two to three days for the blood test and ultrasound. To see the follicle development.

The cost of GIFT treatment in India-

The cost of GIFT treatment varies from clinic to clinic. Undoubtedly, the fees are much lower than another medical treatment center. The cost of GIFT treatment is very similar to ICSI treatment 1,50,000. The doctor, who works at the clinic has the year of experience and offer guarantee service.

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