Get an attractive and affordable IVF Process Cost in Delhi for your fertility treatment

IVF Process Cost in Delhi is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by each individual especially for those people who are traveling from Western countries to Delhi for their IVF treatment. Delhi is a city in India where some of the fertility experts have come forward to help the couples who are seeking their help to conceive their own baby but they cannot afford the expensive fertility treatments. Especially for them, the fertility experts in Delhi have reduced their own IVF Fees in Delhi to help these couples and give them a most precious gift of their life which is their own baby. The medications which required for IVF treatment is also very less in Delhi as compared to other countries.

What are an estimated IVF Charges in Delhi?

The estimated basic IVF Charges in Delhi is around USD 3000 to USD 5000 for one cycle; however, this is not a fixed IVF Cost in Delhi it may increase or decrease for per cycle. In case you are unable to achieve the successful outcome with the IVF treatment alone and you need more assistance with advanced procedures of assisted reproductive technology such as IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), IVF with PGD etc. will increase your basic IVF Cost in Delhi.

Calculation of IVF Process Cost in Delhi

The calculation for IVF Process Cost in Delhi during the IVF cycle is calculated as follows:

  • The basic IVF Process Cost in Delhi is 6-10% which includes the IVF fees of your doctor, your ultrasound scan charges, blood tests charges etc.
  • The basic cost for treating the male infertility factor is around 35 to 45% which will also include the ICSI procedure where your fertility expert will directly inject the single sperm into each egg for fertilization and once the fertilization occurs then the resulted embryo will be transferred into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.
  • Your basic IVF treatment cost also includes the charges for the embryo freezing procedure for free of cost for you, however, other IVF clinics will charge you around 25% of your basic IVF cost for one year, they also cost you for the embryo storage which will be 15% of your basic IVF cost for per year and cost for later use is around 40-80%.
  • Your cost of IVF package also includes the standard medication as prescribed by your fertility experts, however, the fertility drugs which need to stimulate the ovaries is not included in the IVF package that you need to pay extra from your pocket.

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