IVF Treatment Delhi – A Treatment which gives hope to have an own baby

IVF Treatment Delhi is the best fertility treatment for the couples who wish to have an own baby. Generally, it’s a wish of every couple after their marriage to have their own baby but due to the cause of infertility their all dreams get shattered and they lose all their hope to have an own baby but now they need not worry because the fertility experts in Delhi are offering them the best IVF in Delhi which will fulfill all their dreams and that too at a reasonable cost.

What is IVF in Delhi procedure?

IVF in Delhi is a procedure where your fertility expert will collect your eggs and your husband sperm and mix them together in a culture dish outside your body but in IVF laboratory under specific circumstances. Once the fertilization takes place your embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer into your uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. IVF Treatment Delhi is useful for those couples who had already tried other assistive reproductive techniques but unable to achieve the desired outcome of the procedure.

In most of the case, the couple will able to achieve the successful pregnancy, however, if You were not able to achieve success in one attempt then you can repeat you IVF in Delhi procedure as most of the women have undergone for more than two IVF cycles to achieve their dream of having an own baby.

Success Rate of IVF Treatment Delhi

The success rate of IVF Treatment Delhi depends on various factors such as women age, lifestyle, prior pregnancy; status of women uterus, body weight etc. can affect the rate of the success of the IVF Treatment Delhi, however, with all these factors till date the success rate of taking baby home with IVF in Delhi procedure is around 65-75% of the women under age of 35 years and the women above the age of 40 years can also able to achieve the successful pregnancy which is around 45 to 55%, however, this is an estimated figure of success rate and you will get the actual figure when you meet your fertility expert in Delhi. The fertility experts in Delhi will first do the proper examination of yours and find the exact cause of your infertility only after that they will plan your treatment accordingly which will give you the maximum chances of successful pregnancy and also they will provide you the best medical and personal care so that you will fully concentrate on your treatment to achieve the successful pregnancy.

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