IVF Hospital in Delhi

IVF Hospital Delhi – Where hope of new life begins every day

IVF Hospital in Delhi is one of the best and leading IVF clinics where hope of giving a birth to new life begins every day and the fertility experts of this clinic are very helpful and cooperative who offers the best fertility treatment which will fulfill the dream of all the childless couples and give them a reason to smile and enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The fertility experts at IVF Hospital in Delhi are well-qualified and highly skilled fertility experts with an experienced of more than 25 years in the field of fertility management by treating the rare and complex cases of infertility and provide the best solution to all your infertility issues under one roof.

At IVF Centre in Delhi, you will get all the facilities which you require for your treatment under one roof which means you need not to go here and there for any tests which required for the procedure all will be done at IVF Clinic in Delhi which saves your lot of time, money and energy.

Purpose of IVF treatment

The purpose of IVF treatment is to make your dream of having your own baby come true. By using the IVF treatment in which your fertility expert will collect your eggs from your ovaries and mix them with the sperm of your husband in culture dish outside your body but in IVF lab for fertilization and once the fertilization is completed your embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

The IVF Clinic in Delhi offers the IVF treatment at very reasonable cost and the fertility experts of this clinic will offer you the same international standard quality of the treatment but without compromising the quality of the treatment. The purpose of the fertility experts of this clinic is to offer you the reasonable IVF treatment is that they wish to see your smiling faces while leaving the IVF Hospital in Delhi.

Success Rate of IVF Centre in Delhi

The success rate of IVF Centre in Delhi is very high for the women under age of 35 years which are around 70-80% and 40-50% for the women over the age of 40 years. According to study, the successful live birth rate is increasing in every age group

Till date the estimated success rate of IVF Centre in Delhi for the live birth rate is around:

70-80% of women under age 35

60-70% of women ages 35 to 37

50-60% of women ages 38 to 40

40-50% of women ages over 40

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