IVF With Own Egg Cost in Kolkata

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) – the treatment suitable for all infertile couples in Kolkata

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the treatment which gives highest successful results in the countrywide so as to get the best option with the treatment to get the success rate to be the highest may be within country or outside the country which is a best option to be done in regard with the procedure to be allocated in the state of Kolkata.
  • And also in the other state of the country which is to be procured in the infertility issues which is to be resolved by the treatments to be done with the medications and other procedures which is to be needed in this respect to be proactively secured with the couples who are getting qualitative sperms and eggs to be processed well in this issue to be resolved with such kind of procedures to be done for the suitable and qualified results to be obtained in such a respect to be done with all the procedure to be done in the process to be complied with all the states of the country as well.
IVF With Own Donor Cost in Kolkata 2018
IVF With Own Donor Cost in Kolkata 2018

Is IVF procedure painful?

  • During the egg retrieval procedure there is a procedure to be done with small hollow at the needle to be inserted into the uterus and ovary and that time the patient may realize mild pain and cramps at the same time and causes some pain although it was not so painful but the patient realize the pain during the procedure.
  • Other processes may not be painful but may produce mild cramping and discomfort during the process however it is not painful but cannot be the better process to do the IVF procedure done well.
  • The process for egg retrieval the patient may feel painful medications and sedation process which brings internal fear to feel pain in the patient’s mind.
  • As multiple eggs of basically 25 in numbers in just 20 minutes for transvaginal ultrasound aspiration for usual retrieval method. After egg retrieval process patient may feel mild cramping and pressure.

Is IVF successful? – Mostly success results find at our clinic

IVF Success Factors Sometimes take 2 cycles for successful results Sometimes took more than 3 cycles for successful results
Ages for successful IVF treatment 18 to 36 years Sometimes success results should be obtained at the age after 40 too in some cases
% for IVF successful results For above age group chances are 80% to 90% For above age group chances are 70% to 80%
For egg retrieval 2 follicles required 4 to 5 matured eggs are required


IVF with own eggs used by the patient in Kolkata and its costing

IVF with own eggs in Kolkata is to be used by the patient if they are using the own eggs and it is really a minimum amount which is not having any hidden charges and costing and also not included donor’s charges so the cost for IVF with own eggs in Kolkata are only in INR 220000 which is really an affordable amount that can be easily been appropriated by many couples who are facing infertility issues and to resolve the infertility issues to be at maximum extent the cost is not so maximum that it cannot be well affordable but it can be rectified up to the larger extent in such a respect which can be apportioned for all the patient and couples facing issues relative to this infertility which can be recovered with this minimized amount to be invested in such a respect.

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