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The Whole History of It


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In Vitro Fertilization Treatment, a great idea to cure the problem of the infertility in women because the infertility reason is the blocked or damaged fallopian tube even there are other reasons as well but this is the foremost reasons of infertility.

Verdict About IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

There are some myths and facts about the IVF treatment procedure because there is huge difference between the knowledge and to implement it on the body of the patient.

Myth: IVF is Considered Unnatural

Myth: IVF is Considered Unnatural

Fact: No! IVF is not unnatural it means fertilization outside the body, even it is one of the most natural ways by which genetic composition of the man and the woman need to form a baby. Thus, this procedure is not possible in the uterus in the woman because of the blocked tube or the poor sperm counts so that is the only reason this procedure performed outside of the body.

Myth: IVF Babies Have Malformations

Myth: IVF Babies Have Malformations

Fact: Even the risk to have malformation in the baby even after the natural pregnancy has 2 or 3 % chances but on the other hand through IVF the risk of the abnormalities IS 0.5% as compared to the others.

Myth: IVF is Painful

Myth: IVF is Painful

Fact: IVF is not a painful process as many people think about it, Apart from the injection and discomfort there is no other changes of the painful procedure. Even the egg collection can be the painless procedure if it’s done under the procedure of the Anesthesia so the patient can’t feel pain anymore.

Myth: The Patient Required Complete Bed Rest During the IVF Pregnancies.

Myth: The Patient Required Complete Bed Rest During the IVF Pregnancies.

According the normal pregnancy, there is the precaution is recommended in the first three months, but after it most of the patients can normal activities like the job and other household things as well.

IVF Process – Complete Procedure for Test Tube Baby

Now the next thing that will hit in your mind is on which premises all the facts are now standing so all the facts are now standing on the basis of the IVF procedure and the process of IVF treatment in India has many parts including the  ovarian stimulation and monitoring, egg retrieval, embryo development, embryo transfer and the last pregnancy last.

Ovarian Stimulation: In the each month the ovulation cycle, one egg mature in one month but during the procedure of ovarian stimulation our main goal is to produce as many eggs possible. With the injection able IVF medication the success rate of IVF procedure will high and within 18 to 14 days the cycle will give the positive result

Egg retrieval: After the mature cycle of the ovarian stimulation the next step is the egg retrieval where the embryologist with the help of the needle will easily reach to ovarian and clear unwanted eggs basically 10 to 15, the whole procedure will take 20 to 40 minutes time basically depended on the follicies of the eggs and whole procedure will take place during the general anesthesia. 

Embryo selection:Morphological scoring is the best way to select an active and healthy embryo because with the select with it there is a high expectation that the transfer will successful.

Embryo transfer:  A mark of the successful embryo transfer is totally depended on the health of the women because if she is dealing with the problem of the disease or any advanced age problem so there are many chances that the embryo transfer will failed.

Pregnancy Test: The result of the pregnancy test will come within 18 to 20 days with the same blood test report or the common pregnancy tests as well.

IVF Success Rate

IVF Success RateSuccess rate of IVF procedure: If any patient is considering IVF with self-eggs so the patient has 53% chances to conceive the child. If the patient is comfortable with the IVF with the donor egg so there are 65% chances to conceive the child and the last option is the surrogacy with the donor egg had 75% chances to conceive it.