Reasons to Have Male Infertility and How to Boost It!

There are many reasons to have the infertility in Males, but we are ensuring that many from us are not willing to share their problem because of the fear of the society, but nothing is like that infertility is not a tag that you can’t conceive the child basically it is the disorder and that can be removed through the medicine and have a proper diet. There are many reasons to have male fertility, but most of the reasons are unexplained and genetic. Either infertility problem is genetic or the medical there are many solutions according to the condition of the patient health.

Male InfertilityReasons of male fertility, we will discuss to how to remove it or how to boost up it by natural or by medical. The top four reasons to have male infertility:

  • Low sperm count
  • Slow sperm count
  • Problem with semen
  • Abnormal shape of the morphology

All these that we have mentioned above are the medical reasons to have infertility problem now look at how could all these can easily have a bad effect on the lifestyle because in a way it also play important role to have infertility problems in most of the males.

Quit Smoking
Smoking and tobacco linked has been the foremost reason to the low sperm count and the significant reason to have sluggish mobility.

Alcohol Habits
After the smoking drinking is the second main reason to infertility because it is the main reason to have normal and the sperm will not procedure into the right formed.

Lack of Vitamines
Basically give complete time to your meal because if you meal is lack of many vitamins and has a vast part of vitamin C and zinc so that can easily be the cause of the sperm to clump together.

Excessive Exercise
Yes! many people’s think that the exercise will help them to stay fit and healthy so yes it is one of the best way to remain a healthy lifestyle but anything, if it goes beyond that limitation, can easily create problems and the same way established here as well high level of exercises can easily be the reason of the lower sperm count.

Even there are some myths about male infertility that can easily blow your mind so we are going to break some of the myths by providing you the facts for it:

Men don’t have fertility cycles: Many people never agree with the fact of the men don’t have fertility cycles and this statement is not valid because the time and the year always effect on the counting of the sperm. Even the sperm counting is higher in winter and lowers in summer even on the basis of the day the sperm counting is higher in the morning and lower in the night and average in the afternoon.

Bicycling doesn’t affect Infertility: Sitting more than 30 minutes or having cycling in the exercise with the tight short can easily raise your scrotal temperature and temporarily affects the sperm production as well. Even sitting with the laptop on your lap for the long time can easily affect your sperm counts and decreased it.

Weight gaining and weight losing: Most of the men are familiar with the fact the weight gaining can easily affect your sperm production and sperm counting, but many from us are unfamiliar with the fact the thin or weight losing can also affect sperm counting as well because it is directly linked to the  hormonal imbalance and malnutrition.

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