Dream of Parenthood for Infertile Couple

G estational surrogacy is an increasingly popular option to fulfilling the vision of parenthood for those womencouple-baby who, for various medical reasons, choose not to carry their own pregnancy. Thoroughly, the gestational surrogacy process in India allows a woman to have her own genetic children by the help of a gestational carrier, wherein, a couple’s IVF embryo is placed into a surrogate mother.
There are many legal, financial and emotional considerations related with gestational surrogacy. GestationalSurrogacyIndia run well by InternationalFertilityCentre from Dr. Rita Bakshi understands these unique concerns and puts forward complete and compassionate care to direct you through every step of the way. With its expertise, the global patients can return home with their baby as quickly as the concerned span of time after delivery. Wholeheartedly, the company is committed to simplifying the Process-to-Parenthood.

L ocated in the capital city of India, GestationalSurrogacyIndia is fully meant to take your first step toward parenthood through gestational surrogacy. In the many respects, a Gestational Surrogacy is no different from any other pregnancy with one imperative exception: the process used to get the pregnancy. The pregnancy will be done by IVF, in which eggs are fertilized outside the body to create Embryos that are then moved back into the uterus.

Traditional Vs Gestational Surrogacy


With traditional surrogacy, artificial insemination is come in use to unite the surrogate’s eggs with the intended father’s sperm. As a result, a genetic link is established between the surrogate mother and the unborn child.

Gestational surrogacy believes on in vitro fertilization (IVF) to impregnate the surrogate with an embryo that is formed from the intended mother‘s egg and father’s sperm and has no biological link to the surrogate.

How does Gestational Surrogacy work?

By GestationalSurrogacyIndia, keep in mind that using either a woman’s own or donated eggs, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed to fertilize the eggs with sperm from the partner or a donated source. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the gestational carrier to bear the pregnancy to term. Just the once, the baby is delivered, there are no other biological, financial or legal ties to the surrogate.

How to find the Right Gestational Carrier?GestationalSurrogacyIndia comers with a source of local gestational surrogates who are healthy, responsible and proficient surrogate carriers for your baby, and who undergo wide-ranging physical and psychological testing to make sure eligibility

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There are many steps to be a surrogate mother in our surrogate program. They may differ somewhat based on location, physician, and needs of the surrogate mother and intended parents. Below, you will hit upon a general framework of what to expect as a surrogate mother. And bear in mind, the company means to help you by each step as you progress through the process to make becoming a surrogate mother as easy as possible.

Step 1: The Surrogate Mother Application and Evaluation Process

  • Begin by filling in the online surrogate mother application. This application does ask about your lifestyle, pregnancy and medical history. Also, it is crucial that you complete the application thoroughly and directly so that we may find to know you and match you with appropriate intended parents.
  • If your application is received, you are to receive a call from us who will collect more information about you and your family.
  • At this point, we inquire for relevant surrogacy information such as medical records from all previous pregnancies. This could get a short time to gather, so you could want to call your OB/GYN and ask for that records are sent to our office.

Step 2: Going well with Surrogate Mother with Intended Parents

Once you are accepted into our surrogate mother program, we will offer you with information about the intended parents so that all parties can mutually select who they would like to work with. Once everyone bears comfortable with the profile selection, the surrogacy coordinator is to organize a meeting between all parties to talk about the expectations. This is one of the most important, and reaffirming steps in the surrogacy journey setting up a connection between the surrogate and hopeful intended parents.

Step 3: Surrogate Mother Medical Work Up

You will be meeting at our clinic with the intended parents’ physician, who will talk with you in detail and perform a surrogacy information evaluation. The work up differs from clinic to clinic but will often take in:

  • Vaginal ultrasound
  • Physical and pap smear
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Medical instruction of the IVF cycle, injections, medication use, and embryo transfer

Step 4: Surrogate Mother IVF Cycle

The IVF nurse is liable to give you full instructions and details about the medications needed; the medical protocol, any restrictions, and expectations. In preparation for your uterus to obtain embryos created by the couple:

  • You will be asked to get estrogen and progesterone in either patch, pill, suppository, or injection form. Also, you may be asked to take a birth control pill to control and synch your menstrual cycle with the intended mom or egg donor.
  • You will have your blood drawn and ultrasounds repeatedly to check the progress of the cycle.
  • You will have an embryo transfer where a small catheter is put in your vagina and through your uterus. The embryos will be put through the catheter and into the uterus for anticipated implantation.

Step 5: Surrogate Mother Pregnancy and Delivery

This pregnancy may be dissimilar from your own pregnancies in that it is conceived through In Vitro Fertilization and needs a little more early attention then your past pregnancies.

  • You may be asked to have your blood drawn, ultrasounds, or the other procedures far more regularly than with “natural” pregnancies.
  • There is a prospect of multiples that may need additional office visits, bed rest, or other monitoring.
  • This pregnancy is shared with the loving intended parents, and so there needs an ongoing communication about the developing fetus, your health status, needs for support, or other matters.
  • You will be taking part in support groups that are offered in person and on-line in order to assure that all of your questions are responded and that you have support from other surrogate moms.
  • Delivery is a very special time for all involved. Our mental health professional will comply with both the gestational carrier and the intended parents to form a birth plan that will try to meet everyone’s needs.


Considering Gestational Surrogacy for a Family Member Points to Consider-1Success Rates

The company takes great pride in its successes and is proud to say this comes with the leading fertility programs in the country. Not only does the company focus on bringing new babies into the world, but this also place a high priority on the well-being of the couples it treats.

What to Expect

  • Time: The timeline to surrogacy is not generally very short. Expect at least 4 months to pass between the time you choose surrogacy until you are waiting for call from Doctor with your pregnancy test results.
  • Finding a carrier: Finding the best carrier for your family is the most important part of the process. In an ideal world, the company would all have a friend or family member ready to give us the special gift of carrying our child. But since that is not possible for everyone, it is important to execute your research and hit upon a good agency that will match you with the perfect partner. Sometimes partners go with independently without use of a service.
  • Legal issues: The laws about surrogacy are different in each state. Finding a good surrogacy lawyer is crucial as this is having a contract drawn up between the carrier and the intended parents. This process can take quite some time, thus beginning early on appears imperative.
  • Medications: For Gestational Surrogacy, your medications are to begin a month before your definite embryo transfer, and keep on through the tenth or twelfth week of pregnancy as per doctors’ orders.  Each doctor is different and has a different plan consistent with preferences, how your body responds, and the appropriate timing.

At GestationalSurrogacyIndia, the company comes with wide series of fertility solutions, such as gestational surrogacy process that fulfills dream of parenthood to infertile couples.