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Tailored advice and guidance to meet your specific surrogacy needs.

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World-class fertility specialists using the latest technology and treatments.

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Rigorous screening and matching with healthy, dedicated surrogates.

Legal Assistance

Expert legal support to navigate the surrogacy process smoothly.

Holistic Emotional Support

Continuous emotional care and counseling for parents and surrogates alike.

Flight to Flight services

we serve the facility of the flight to flight services it means whenever the patient arrived at the airport it is our responsibility to pick up


Exceptional Service Features

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Advanced IVF treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Gestational Surrogacy

Comprehensive surrogacy programs with expert support.

Intrauterine Insemination

Effective IUI treatments to increase your chances of pregnancy.

ICSI Treatment

Precision fertilization technique for improved outcomes.

PGD Treatment

Genetic testing to ensure healthy embryos.

Egg Donation

Access to a diverse and high-quality donor pool.

Male Fertility Treatments

Specialized treatments and care for male infertility issues.

Fertility Preservation

Egg and sperm freezing options for future family planning.

What is the surrogacy India process?

The Surrogacy India process is the best one. As it performs with the topmost procedures. With it, the fertility expert provides top observation. Also, top-notch technologies help in the method. It involves extensive stages. So, the surrogate mother can conceive. Your process will start with the surrogate mother testing. As it involves various checkups. So, any issue does not affect the resulting child. Also, the couple’s gametes health will check. Then the actual process will start. It will include the following stages

01.) Checkups:
Your process will have several checkups. These check the surrogate mother’s health. As the expert performs to confirm issues. Thus, these will not transmit to the child. It checks infertility issues. Also, it determines the health conditions. So, no issue can create any problem in the process. And the method can work smoothly. Your egg and sperm health will confirm.
02.) Counselling:
The best surrogacy centre in India provides it. As it helps in the couple’s psychological status. So the couple’s stress level can handle. With it, the surrogate mother also has the session. So, the counsellor will explain the process.
Your process will have the paperwork. It is between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. As they sign the contract. It helps in the better process and high legalities. So, the surrogacy lawyer will make it. They mention the surrogate rights over the child. And after childbirth, only the intended parents will be the legal ones.
04.) Ovulation induction:
It performs with the IVF process. So, it requires healthy and multiple eggs. These will help with fertility medications. As the female partner (intended mother) will have it. These improve the ovaries’ function. And healthy eggs will produce from the ovaries. Then, it will release into the female uterus. So, the hormonal injection will use. And it will produce eggs in the female uterus.
05.) Gametes retrieval:
After egg production, your expert will collect them. They will use advanced technology. As the catheter and transvaginal ultrasound will use. These will insert into the female uterus through the vagina. And the healthy eggs will locate. Then the thin needle will use to collect. With it, a healthy semen sample will collect. These gather from the male partner. And it will prepare to have healthy sperm.
06.) Fertilization and transfer:
For fertilization, your eggs and sperm will mix. As the expert will mix them on a Petri plate. Or the advanced ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can help. It involves an advanced process. So, the eggs and sperm can inseminate. Your expert will monitor egg and sperm fertilization. Then, they will choose the top fertilized eggs. It will implant into the surrogate mother’s uterus. As the catheter and advanced technologies help. Your fertilized eggs will transfer into the surrogate womb.
07. ) Pregnancy and care:
The surrogate mother will conceive the baby. As it can take about two weeks after transfer. So, the surrogate blood test will perform. It will confirm the pregnancy results. The positive result will follow the normal pregnancy. And you will provide top care to the surrogate mother. So, it will include various assistance. As the surrogate mother has the top nutritional diet. With it, her regular checkups will include.
08.) Childbirth:
Your child will be born after nine mothers. As the surrogate mother will give birth to the baby. Baby delivery has two types. As the normal vaginal delivery. OR the C-type delivery. It depends on the surrogate mother’s health. Because the C-type is an invasive process.

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