sperm freezing cost in Chennai

Sperm freezing cost in Chennai 2018
Sperm freezing cost in Chennai 2018

Sperm freezing – know the exact meaning related to sperm freezing or sperm preservation

Sperm freezing by cryopreservation is the process of preserving the sperms either of donor or by using own sperms for future use. A vital component of any successful fertility program for indefinite period of time in order to preserve fertility for future and secure the life to be blessed with the child in future when needed.

It can be a difficult process for some couples and however is viable to preserve fertility and have the biological child of their own child. The process of cryopreservation does not affect the quality of the sperms in any way and can be successfully used for artificial insemination with success degree of freshly collected ejaculation of the same sperm freezing process to be completed.

Why there is a need arises for sperm freezing?

  • If there is low sperm count to be found in the male reproductive organ.
  • If male are facing some kinds of therapies like cancer therapy and other treatments list of therapies for such processes which may affects the quality of the sperms.
  • Sperms may not be produced timely is also a matter of concern where sperm freezing is required.
  • When there found only limited amount of sperms for ejaculation process and hence reduced the number of sperms to be promoted for future and further usage.
  • When the male who gives the sperms for freezing is the professional sportsman.
  • The male have some kind of surgery in testicular part and in anywhere inside the reproductive part of the male’s body.
  • When you are about to have a vasectomy and also you are in appreciations to keep your options open for avoiding the need for the reversal of the procedure.
  • When you decides to go ahead with the cryopreservation from sex or cryopreservation from ejaculation for about 2 to 5 days prior to your appointment to maximize your sperm count.
  • The semen is then prepared for the liquid nitrogen in our special tank that is of cryogenetic nature, it is exactly of the same nature as it is before or at starting phase it must be exactly alike even if you see after so many years and it is totally depends on you for how long you want to preserve the sperms after only paying some nominal charges for sperm freezing and also for every additional year by paying additional fees with regard to the same procedure followed up.

How safe is Cryopreservation?

Some of the sperms are killed during the freezing process as are not of healthy quantity and not being able to handle cooling atmosphere, but some may be usually survive and can last for many more years and are generally be healthy as contains well qualitative and healthy semen with fine body structure as well and are able to be used for fertilization process even after so many years being stored and then taken up now for fertilization process to be completed in future after spending some years to be successful for future use for best sperm freezing in Chennai and must be of fine quality and must be a safe and healthy procedure as well.

Sperm freezing cost in Chennai – with best appropriative price in the whole country as well

Sperm freezing cost in Chennai is the most appropriative amount in the whole country and also in the state of the country with all the states which provides the least cost within the country and in the state also in comparing with the other clinics in the state of Chennai as well with more or less benefits as also been provided in the state level based on the state-wise promotional strategy and the country wise also been provided with such respect to be programmed well in such a minimum amount of INR 50000 only with additional of INR 5000 to be paid for every additional year preservation which is paid only once in a year with best costing and efficient results obtained and also the success results are thus being obtained with many cases of succession even for about 5 years as seen by our lab technician in the history to provide 5 years of services in maximized level to be obtained for best successive ratio to be obtained as well.

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