Sperm freezing cost in Kolkata

Know about Sperm Freezing- best sperm freezing in Kolkata

  • Sperm freezing is the technique or method used by the doctors and researchers for the freezing or storing of the sperms of the donor or of the own sperms to be used by the intended father to be stored for future use as the sperm gets to use in future because of the couple is using to plan the child in future that is, one embryo to be transferred now when the process is working and the other embryo to be transferred at some other day in future as the parents want to have only one child now and the other child in future at some future date.
  • Sperm freezing is an excellent option for men who are being worried about the infertility issues in future for some future date when the couple is planning to do the child at some future date may be because of career issues or some other health issues being faced by the couple after getting married.
  • Sperms are to be freeze or store in future for some future issues to be resolved which are related to the sperms which in turn causes infertility in future related to any further infertility issues to be solved for the future purpose to be made well. As there may be any future issue which is relative to medical issues, age or other concerns that must be solved for the future purpose to obtain.
  • At the sperm bank, you must make an anonymous sperm donation that can be used by a same-sex couple or by the couples who are dealing with infertility issues. Collection of the sperm can be done at the clinic or at home occasionally can be possible. When the couple is planning for the child so the man and his partner will simply need to thaw the sperm to prepare for fertility treatments at that time.

How to freeze Sperms? – The steps followed while freezing the sperms

  • Choosing a Cryobank consult the doctor about the preservation that if you really need storage of the sperms.
  • Looking for the best options online- look the best alternate option to store the sperms and infertility issues. Sperm freezing in Kolkata is the best option for such a search option for the online best bank for storing the sperms.
  • Check the bank’s certification and then compare the cost with other banks.
  • Make the appointment with the cryobank if all is settled and to get the sperm bank to be located with the same kind of Sperm Freezing in Kolkata.
  • Collecting the sperm- undergo the blood tests to be used by collecting the sperms which are of fine quality.
  • Then the next step is to sign the consent form regarding the same purpose to be fulfilled with these issues to be resolved soon.
  • Before 5 days for this process to be done you should avoid sex and masturbation.
  • Produce the sperm sample in the cup for the further procedure to be done.
  • The sample should be taken if you are unable to produce by yourself.
  • Wait for 3 minutes for the sperms to be produced for obtaining qualified results in this regard.
  • Then return back to collect additional sperms sample.
  • Unfreezing the sperms- the assurance with you and your partner that when you are ready to have a child.
  • Consulting the sperm bank that you are ready to thaw the sperm as your partner is ready to conceive so you need sperms.
  • Monitoring of the ovulation by the partner or the surrogate.
  • Go for Intra Cervical Insemination (ICI).
  • Go for Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) for best results obtained in such regard.
  • Undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Sperm freezing cost in Kolkata- minimum affordable cost in the country

Sperm freezing cost in Kolkata can be the much affordable costs in the country which must be the minimum required amount of cost that is being an appropriative cost for all the couples who are facing infertility issues and can be the most suitable for all the couples which are only in INR 30000 for 6 months but if the couple wants to increase or wish to extend the time duration for the same then the same costing must be paid by the couple for extending the time duration which must be paid within a time duration of 6 months as being affordable by all the infertile couples.

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