Surrogacy Cost Ukraine – Which can be easily afforded by each individual

Gestational Surrogacy India is a medical tourism company which offers the fertility treatments in various countries and Ukraine is one of them where they offer the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine for all the people across the globe without biasing between poor, payee or needy people. They treat all their patients with equality and the reason behind offering such reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is that each individual on this planet enjoy their parenthood with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will not stop them to live their life with an own baby.

Surrogacy Cost Ukraine
Surrogacy Cost Ukraine Cheapest, and Affordable

By offering the reasonable cost for surrogacy does not mean that the fertility experts at the network hospitals of Gestational Surrogacy India compromise the quality of the treatment. They offer the same international standard quality of the treatment but at low-cost because their aim is to spread the happiness among all and not make the profit out of the couple’s pocket who was already been struggling for a long period to see their own child.

Nowadays, Ukraine is the country which becomes the most favored nation for all the people across the globe due to such reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine and the people in larger number are traveling to Ukraine for their fertility treatment and these numbers are increasing rapidly every year.

How much is the Surrogacy Fees in Ukraine?

At the network hospitals under Gestational Surrogacy India, the Surrogacy Fees in Ukraine using the gestational procedure is around USD 35,000 and with traditional surrogacy procedure, it is USD 30,000. The difference of Surrogacy Fees in Ukraine of USD 5,000 is because your fertility expert will perform the IVF procedure for gestational surrogacy in which they collect your eggs and your husband sperm to facilitate fertilization whereas with traditional surrogacy your fertility expert will artificially fertilize the eggs of the surrogate with the sperm of your husband to facilitate the fertilization.

In case you wish to reduce more on Surrogacy Fees in Ukraine then you can bring your own surrogate mother to cut down your expenses, but you need to make sure that your surrogate is properly examined for her infectious disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis which can be transferred to the baby born through surrogacy.

How much are the Surrogacy Charges in Ukraine using 2 cycles?

The Surrogacy Charges in Ukraine under the network hospitals of Gestational Surrogacy India is also very reasonable. In case you are not able to achieve the desired results in the first attempt then you can use your left-over embryos from your first cycle for your second attempt to achieve the successful results. If you wish to implant the embryo into the uterus of the same surrogate than additional Surrogacy Charges in Ukraine is around USD 8,000 and if you use the different surrogate than the surrogacy charges is additional USD 10,000 approximately.

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