surrogacy journey of Kim Kardashian the most famous celebrity in America

Kim Kardashian the most famous celebrity in America carrying baby with surrogacy:-

Kim  Kardashian a multi-talented star who has contributed her effort in the television business, model. she has participated in much American television shows, and name one of the most beautiful and influential women. had recently got married to her boyfriend  Kenny west .and she becomes a most beautiful couple on earth. She has got married token west and got 2 beautiful babies, had recently expressed her association with surrogacy to have a third baby. as before Kim, there is the number of film celebrity or businesswoman or elite has gone through the same process called surrogacy and happily go baby. from the recent sources, it comes to know that she has already tried IVF but failed. before embryo transfer to Kimberly got pregnant with saint but the embryo does not work. So since the time she was quite nervous and anxious to get the third baby.  so has opted surrogacy to have the third baby, and expressed her happiness and joy.

Surrogacy journey of Kim Kardashian
Surrogacy journey of Kim Kardashian

Surrogacy journey of Kim Kardashian:-

While speaking to media she is very excited to have the third baby and keep her finger cross to have the baby, while Kim mother had expressed her love and cry on surrogacy decision.  At first, she was hiding but finally take the course to deliver her voice for surrogacy. she said that the lady we have selected is very calm and down to earth . while the name of surrogate mother was kept under dark and not disclose in media.

The surrogate mother has established a cordial relationship with Kim Kardashian:-

To fulfill the dream to have a baby is what everyone has a dream whether she is a normal human or celebrity.  So in the case of Kim Kardashian, she also expresses the desire to have a third baby.  as she already experiences IVF but failed. she states, that we have hired the surrogate mother, she is very nice and kind with nature and we have built a great relationship.

What is surrogacy:-

Surrogacy is one of the assisted reproduction technique that is used widely to conceive.  While all the prevalent treatment has failed, one can go for surrogacy,  the process is so simple while taking mother’s sperm and father’s sperm and form into the laboratory to make embryo than the resulted embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the woman. what make different from the other treatment is that when the biological child is born they are genetically related to the intended couple. there are two types of surrogacy one is called gestational surrogacy and other is traditional surrogacy. due to the extreme benefit of gestational surrogacy, most of the people are opting for surrogacy.

Kim Kardashian hesitates to express surrogacy:-

Kim Kardashian hesitates to disclose her surrogacy, she said in an interview that she does not want to disclose surrogacy. she does not want to tell surrogacy but still, she finds the great experience to have a baby.

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