Best Surrogacy Specialist in Chennai

Surrogacy specialist in Chennai
Surrogacy specialist in Chennai

Surrogacy – the treatment for the infertile couples where the woman is not able to conceive

Surrogacy is the treatment in which 3 persons are involved one is intended mother another one is intended father and the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is the method in which Assisted Reproductive Technology is being involved which allows the parents to start the family which is not possible before should be for several reasons that can be done before this techniques to be assisted.

Surrogacy in Chennai is the treatment to be involved in the most of the states of the country and also outside the country which means in International network to be promoted in the country at the most probable way of the successful results to be achieved by the expert’s treatment for the same procedure at the larger extent to be achieved at the higher level in the country wide performance for the state wise preference to be promoted and achieved at the larger extent.

There are so many experts present in our clinic or in the other clinics of the state called as Chennai and the treatment to be conducted in the state wise performance to be ejected should be propounded in the case as well where we get the best successful results as well for the performance to be achieved in such a respective to be ejaculated in this regard to be achieved through this well.

Success rates 80% to 85% Chennai Clinic
Normally success achieved Experts treatment Latest technology
Age between 30 years Best results Provides money back guarantee
Age above 40 years Moderate results 60% to 70% chances of success
Age between 50 years Poor results                       30% to 35% chances of success


Surrogacy methods- Know the best procedure and the specialist for doing such techniques in the state of Chennai

  • There are two types of Surrogacy process or methods one is traditional method and another one is gestational method.
  • In traditional method, surrogate mother’s eggs and intended father’s sperms are involved or in another case surrogate mother’s eggs and the donors sperms are involved in one or the other case as the case thinks fit.
  • In gestational surrogacy, intended mother’s eggs or the donor’s eggs are involved with the fertilization with the donor’s sperms or the intended father’s sperms in one or the other case.
  • Some lesbian couple should go for gestational surrogacy because it allows them to contribute eggs by one and to carry the child by another one.
  • Traditional surrogacy should not be permitted in many states as the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the child and often challenged the parental rights of the surrogate to be as challenging facts as to the large extent so it should be banned by many countries.
  • But also in many states that allows to permit surrogacy procedures or agreements to prohibit compensation beyond the payment of legal and medical expenses to be incurred as a result of the surrogacy agreements.

Surrogacy expert in Chennai – the best doctor of the state as per the clinic and experience wise or otherwise

Surrogacy expert in Chennai is the expert or the another name used for is Surrogacy specialist in Chennai is the one who treats the best problems relative to surrogacy in which the best clinic and the best world class treatments involved with the latest technology to be used for doing the same procedure to be involved in such a respective criterion to be fulfilled in such a respect to be covered up for the same procedure to be upgraded in the respective performance to be program mated in such a respective scenario to be covered up for such a performance to be involved in such a respect.

Surrogacy doctor in Chennai is the doctor who blessed the couples with the best services to be promoted with the child to get the best treatments needed in such a kind with all the latest technology and the world class facilities to be involved in such a respect to be up bringing in such a preference to be given with the best and classy treatments to be promoted in such a respect for the same procedure to be done with the maximum patients for obtaining nest results in such a respect to perform better treatments in order to get best results for such a scenario.

Qualifications of the Surrogate mother

  • Must have good physical as well as mental health.
  • Must carry or have delivered at least one child.
  • Have in a stable situation to live miserable life.
  • Not be a smoker or to take alcohol.
  • Age must be between 19 years to 40 years only.
  • Must have pregnancies that are free of complications or must have full term.

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