Surrogacy with Donor Egg and Sperm

surrogacy with donor egg and sperm

There are many types of surrogacy that are available in the various country but surrogacy with donor egg and the sperm is very common and very famous because the patient who select surrogacy as the best option for the treatment of it, had the problem of low counting of sperm and the poor egg quality that is the only reason most of the patient select ‘’surrogacy with donor egg and sperm’’. Now look at the meaning of surrogacy with donor egg and sperm. Either you select surrogacy with an egg donor or with sperm donor the procedure and is totally different.

Surrogacy with Donor Egg

We are not saying that the other option that you will attempt is not valid, but this solution is only recommended by the condition of the patient on the premises of it. The right  age of an egg is less than 30 years. We select all the eggs personally and give them the complete medical tests like screening and the fertilization. An egg donor could be your relative, friend or any anonymous, if the egg donor is anonymous so it our responsibility that the entire journey of the egg donor will confidential and the reports will not share with anyone as well. We are ensuring that through the egg donor of us, the patient will get the best success rate. The age of the donor and the recipient is always playing an important role because the age of recipient is very high so in that case there are many chances because of the advanced age the egg didn’t implant in the uterus of the surrogate mothers and if the age of the donor is less than 35 years so, in that case, there are many chances to have the multiple pregnancy rates.

Either the recipient choose surrogacy with egg or sperm we are ensuring that the ‘’surrogacy with donor egg and sperm’’ will successful.

The Procedure of the Egg Donor Surrogacy

For the process of surrogacy, this is performed through the donor eggs and the own eggs of the recipient because on the basis of it the child genetically connected to them. For both the procedure it so very important to freeze the eggs. Egg freezing is a method of preservation of a woman’s unfertilized eggs. This process is volunteered by the women whose fertility is at risk when they wish to be pregnant. The risk could be due to age, disease or inability to carry a child the womb. The treatment preserves the ability of the woman to bear children. The eggs produced by a woman at a young age can be preserved from a short duration as months up to years.

Surrogacy with Sperm Donor

Most of the time this is an attempt by male infertility causes because of the low sperm counting. The one who need the sperm means when a mean dealing with the problem of male infertility and the reason behind it is the poor count of the sperm and the movement of the sperm.  The age of any of the sperm donor should be between the 25 to 45. In any case if you donate the sperm so the donor has right to know the use of it in future like what is the gender of the sperm, how many children has already born through it and how many families are involved with it? Basically, the sperm donor is free to solve all the doubts that they have in their mind. Even the same statement can apply on those couples who prefer sperm donor like the couples are free to know the medical history and the family background of the sperm donor even if in any case the sperm donor already has their own children so they are also welcome to donate their sperm.

Surrogacyclinicsindia, is the best platform not for the surrogacy with donor egg and sperm, but it is the best for every type of surrogacy because we try to deliver the best services and we are expert in every kind of surrogacy procedure. To serve the best success rate is the main motto of us and that makes us special.

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