Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata

Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata – Cost next to nothing if compare with other states

Surrogacy is the full swing and a big hit process for those couples who due to various medical reasons, cannot produce their own child. It is one of the best techniques to solve the issue of sterile partners. Sterility or infertility is that major drawback which is revolving everywhere. If we will look at the database of infertility, we will get to know that out of each eight couples one couple is suffering from this black mark. In Kolkata, numbers of the sterile duo are upsurging day by day, but Surrogacy is that ART technique which never fails and never gives the unavailing result to the infertile couple.

Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata 2018
Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata 2018

Surrogacy in Kolkata is that procedure wherein surrogate mother carries the baby of another woman who is not able to hold the pregnancy. This is a time taking process as it takes the time of intending parent’s nine-month to get their own baby through the surrogate. If we hold a candle to the charges of Surrogate mother in other states and the Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata, we will be on this conclusion that the cost of Surrogate mother in Kolkata is very low than other states. It is affordable for those couples who till now were holding themselves not to go for surrogacy on the basis of charges. Surrogate mother cost in Kolkata is approx 10 lakh, which includes each and every step of surrogacy method.

There are two type of Surrogacy-

  1. Traditional Surrogacy- In this process, Surrogate mother will carry a pregnancy by her own eggs, which was fertilized with the intended male partner’s sperm by Artificial Insemination. Those infertile women who are not having proper ovulation or have a poor quality of the eggs for achieving fertilization generally select this surrogacy.
  2. Gestational Surrogacy –In this procedure, the surrogate mother is neither genetically belongs with the embryo nor biologically because the eggs and sperm are received from intended parents and fertilized by the technique through IVF by your fertility experts. Surrogate in Gestational surrogacy has to hold the baby in her womb and hand down to the sterile duo.

There are several criteria for choosing a Surrogate mother, Out of them are –

  • She must be in the age limit of 22-35
  • Must be physically fit to carry a he2althy pregnancy
  • Have gone through a screening test, all background documentation and legal process etc.
  • Psychological Screening
  • Must be a mother of one child without any complications (so that she knew the steps of each medical procedure and have the knowledge of keeping baby in her womb )
  • Family of the Surrogate mother must be supportive
  • Surrogate mother must not have any drinking, chewing tobacco or smoking habit.
  • Pleasing Personality

Each fertility centres will provide options to stay for Surrogate mother-

  • If she wants her own home during the pregnancy, then it’s her wish.
  • She can also opt for Surrogacy home
  • Or at the patient’s home if, she is comfortable.

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