Which destination allowed single man surrogacy? – In a country like U.S this kind of practices are common…

In the country like U.S where many single parents are indulged in these kinds of practices because some wish to be alone the whole life without any partner or maybe the partner died should prefer for single man surrogacy so as to make his life quite easy for the whole lifetime and to get the fact that there is someone for you and there is someone to whom you can say yes this child belongs to you is a matter to be felt proud as well and for this regard you should opt for any of the options which will be quiet an appropriate one to make the matter more of a kind in your favor as the case may be so preferable by that single parent or another single parent who is involved in this kind of practices. Surrogacy is quite an effective process for the person who is a single parent and is a man so he has the only option to fulfill the wish of his own child by surrogacy where he needs an egg donor, a surrogate’s womb to grow his fertilized embryo into a healthy child and his own sperms. Another case is when he used the surrogate’s eggs and her womb for making the procedure effective.

single man surrogacy
Single Man Surrogacy

There are many other countries which banned the surrogacy for single parent like in Ukraine these kinds of practices must be allowed the surrogacy for single parent in any respect.

Whereas, in the countries like Kenya and U.S.A these practices are common and must be preferred by most who are in need of such kind of practices.

And also for the countries like U.K, Belgium and India where it is legal but rarely happened as there must be very few numbers who wish to become single parent as there are minimum numbers for this practices in comparison to the countries like U.S.A and Kenya where it is in need by every 2 people out of 10.

What price should surrogate charged?

In this case, surrogate should charge any amount which she wishes to charge so as to make her personal issues should also be settled down or resolved or comes to an end which is relative in monetary terms, so that surrogate must be freely chargeable any amount in order to settle her account in making the child to be obtained after 9 months gaining the pain to give birth to the child and then hand over the child to a single man for the whole lifetime and never ever see the face of the child to whom she has given birth once and feels the pain. While there are so many surrogates present in the country like India and also in some other countries too like India, U.K, and Belgium but it happened rarely where the purpose is only to help for the single man with the child otherwise there are so many other purposes also involved in these practices.

The price should be differentiated from country to country and also from region to region as the cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is 35000 US $ and for Kenya, it is 45000 US $. The price must be up to the mark.

Rules related to Surrogacy in India

The rules related to the surrogacy in India is of two caveats as for Altruistic Surrogacy which can be of 2 types –

  • For unmarried couples, foreigners, Single parents or for live-in partners or for homosexual.
  • Another one is for Indian couples who are married happily since last 5 years and wants their own baby with the intention to upgrade their generation to a next level.

Surrogacy Process

In traditional surrogacy, eggs are being used by the surrogate herself with the sperms of the father to be fertilized and then the process so carried on the same but if gestational surrogacy is being opted for the surrogacy process so that egg donor is being involved for the same and the father’s sperms are involved with the same for fertilization process and then continuing the surrogacy procedure as intended mother is absent in this process.

Advantages and disadvantages of Surrogacy for single man parent


  • Surrogacy gives an immense chance to the single parent for becoming the proud father of a child.
  • Intended father also gets a chance to become a biological father of the child.
  • It maintains a long time relationship with the surrogates.
  • There is another option to adopt a child but in this option man will not be the biological father of the child which is only possible through surrogacy.


  • Single parent surrogacy is quiet expensive process.
  • Single parent may face some other challenges as well.
  • While some men don’t even have that much income to bear that costs of the surrogates.
  • Because of this costly procedure some countries restricted this process.
  • Single parent should also faces some other problems like managing time and resources for the child is itself a task.

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