Which nation allows surrogacy

in today’s world, surrogacy is one of the best-assisted programs -me to conceive.  It is indeed a safe and most recommended treatment to combat infertility. But due to growing number of concern, related to infertility. The woman is seen to be exploited in many ways, the exploitation may occur in forms of forceful surrogacy, hiding the true surrogacy cost and lack of caring may result, the poor health of the surrogate mother.

Seeing the bitter truth of ongoing surrogacy service.  Most of the country has taken initiatives to curb illegal and secret surrogacy. However, different countries have their own law and regulation and most probably, they act according to their provision of law.  The country like hungry, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece, and India is independently working and enact the law as per their guidance.

The table below is a list related to surrogacy in various countries, which allow it:-

Australia: – in Australia, only altruistic surrogacy is legal.  No sperm donor, surrogate matching available. The foreigner can not opt for surrogacy.

Canada: – Altruistic surrogacy is Available. Here in Canada foreigner are allowed to access surrogacy. And separate egg donor is provided.

Greece: – heterosexual couples and single female eligible. The foreign nation may take a part in it. Here egg/embryo/ sperm are able to ship directly from the registered clinic.

India: – in India, the surrogacy treatment is available for those who are the citizen of India. no foreigner is allowed to avail it. However, donor photos may be available as well as other important details like age, weight, and height and donation history.

ISRAEL: – Israel surrogacy is available only for heterosexual Israeli resident.  No outsiders are allowed to participate in surrogacy service.

Kenya: – Kenya’s law is quite favorable to local and foreigner. And most intended couples prefer to go for Kenya. Due to its favorable company by the government of Kenya towards surrogacy.

UK: – Altruistic surrogacy is only available. Advertising is strictly not allowed. And the foreigner is not allowed to avail the service of surrogacy.

UKRAINE: – only heterosexual and married couple are allowed to avail.  And being allowed to provide details photo, occupation, an area of study, previous donor history and physical details.

Laos: – compensated surrogacy is available for local and foreigner. a beautiful country is located in the south-east Asian country known for mountainous terrain. It allows their own country as well as the foreigner.

MEXICO: –  Tabasco state do not allow surrogacy in Mexican, but another state has no legal protection. Embryo transfer may occur or Mexican city.

Different countries have their own law and working regulation to offer great services of surrogacy to end infertility. But still, exploitation cannot be tolerable for any nation and right justice should be given to all women.

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