Assisted Hatching

W e agree with the procedure that we are the chamber of the fertility services but on the other hand there are possibilities that the procedure that we are applying will successful because so for it we want the specialized procedure so the best example of it is the Assisted hatching procedure. As we all know that there are many people who are dealing with the problem of infertility and there are many ways by which we can easily tackle with it. Do you ever notice that the reason to have infertility? So in most of the cases the reason of the infertility is the medical reason and due to that reasons sometimes the body of the woman deny to accept the embryo that is transfer into the uterus of the woman. So to have complete treatment and the successful procedure f the fertility treatment the fertility experts suggest to have embryo surgery and many more because it doesn’t have one name it has many name.

Nowadays India is getting the perfect destination for this surgery and the reason behind it. The ethical practice and the good success rate of IVF procedure. We are saying that we have the unsuccessful cases yes we have it, but we are the only one who made it possible and have the best successful cases of the IVF procedure.


The concept of different names:

When embryo is enabled to implant into the uterus so it required the ‘’embryo surgery’’ and we can called it Zola drilling and it improves the implantation rates when there are low and very fewer chances to conceive the child through the IVF procedure. Even in any case if the embryos transfer into the uterus without the surgery so the chances it very hard that the mother can’t conceive the child. Throughout the ten embryos, only one get fertilized and give the positive pregnancy rate.

For whom this technique is successful:

This technique is helpful for the woman with the high level of follicle stimulating hormone, women with the recurrent ICSI failure, in case of frozen embryo transfer and the women greater than 35 years of age.

We know that is the current question is hitting in your mind so the main answer is the best clinic and the perfect surgery procedure that we offer to the patient because there is a chain between the patient and the staff of the clinic and that chain is locked with the key of transparency and the trust.