Tammy Duckworth privilege to get baby at the age of 50

Tammy Duckworth the first us senator to give birth at the age of 50

Is well known  American politician and retired U.s army  Lieutenant colonel, working as a junior united states senator for millions since 2017. And she is the member of Democratic Party and earlier represented Illinois 8th district of two terms in the unites states of representative. Her brilliancy not only explores the arena of politics but in the army as well.  While her name claimed to be the first Asian woman, who has the privilege to serve U.S.A Senate. However, she is profoundly talented or brilliant woman. And a great inspiration for the woman.


Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth

During Iraq war, Duckworth has shown her caliber as U.S.A army helicopter pilot and has done great work .but unfortunately at the time of war, she has suffered enormous bound .as a result she lost her both legs and damages her arm in the war. But in spite of baffling sorrow, she remains to continue as a lieutenant colonel in the Illinois army national guard. However, her effortless work towards army is really praiseworthy.  Further, she continues to work as a U.S.A Senate.


Tammy Duckworth becomes the first senator to give birth while serving in the U. S Senate

what is more joyful and beautiful than to relish the feeling of being motherhood.  Thus, it is the matter of pride for all the parents to cradle child into her own lap. And especially falling into the crisis, where safe pregnancy is not possible at the age of 50.Under this age, the gift of a baby is like on cloud nine. As she was vocal about using reproduction technique.

Duckworth expresses her voice by saying I am listed as Geriatric mother, said amusingly, it is called Geriatric pregnancy. And said I don’t bother much but I think the 50-year-old mother is now turned into 40 years old. She is the only woman to give birth serving in the U.S.A Senate while working in the Congress.


Tammy Duckworth has recently expressed her joyous feeling to have the second baby

Duckworth, as she has already one child and hoping for another child to bear. However, during the war, a painful wound lead to physical disability occurred, as a result, she was not able to conceive, while,

Duckworth gave birth to a child in 2014.and now she chooses to conceive a baby and perhaps the senator will be only one is the 1o lawmaker,  As she has expressed her joy saying, she felt really great and busy on a congressional delegation to Korea and Japan. And attending the regular meeting about the threat of war with North Korea.

Duckworth at the age of 50, decided to get the child with the consensus of her husband Bryan bowls by while a couple has already one daughter, Nabila, who born in novemeber2014. And now she decided to go with the second baby after taking assistance reproduction technique

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