Embryo freezing cost in Kolkata

Knowing the meaning and procedure of Embryo Freezing

  • Freezing good quality of embryos offers the chance of conceiving the embryo which is been stored before whether by the same couple or maybe by another couple for fulfilling the need in future for their own child for Frozen Embryo Transfer(FET).
  • Embryo should be freeze in the temperature of more than (-198°C) which is being taken up by an embryo for doing all the procedures relative to the embryo freezing which is being productive and helpful once frozen embryos can remain in liquid nitrogen for years without deterioration without being thawed for the survival and transfer procedure in the mother’s uterus so as to get it transferred within 3 to 5 days of fertilization process.
  • If there are more than 2 embryos to be fertilized so as to get the embryo freeze for further process to be transferred to the mother’s uterus at some other point of time so that can be after 3 or 4 years as the intended parents thinks fit so as to get the embryo to be transferred after 3 to 4 years of the first child born or by some other time.

Who gets benefitted from Embryo freezing?

  • Couples who wants to achieve good quality embryo transfer even after so many years or maybe many attempts can therefore be achieved by many possible future attempts and conceive patients who have their egg collection to be achieved the following procedure to be taken care well with such kind of diseases to be taken well from the body out from root as well that it cannot be there in future. And so the parents are advised to take the embryo for freezing and transferred it in mother’s uterus after some time.
  • A married woman in a sexual relationship with her partner may sometimes face this kind of infertility in future as well so not to get the treatment again in future may store the embryo for future use to get the intended mother to be pregnant in future whenever the couple is ready to take the responsibility.

How are embryos frozen?

  • Must be at some developmental stage many days for which the embryo must be cultured. For example, 2 days after fertilization an embryo should be of 4 cells.
  • Regular division symbol which contains the approximately same size of the cells.
  • Containing the fragmentation of about 25% of the cells.
  • At that precise moment, an undergoing cellular membrane division must have the well-defined membrane in such a regard to be operative.
  • The stages for the most productive embryo frozen:-
  • After egg retrieval or egg collection, 2 PN embryo must be frozen.
  • After egg collection’s 3 to 4 days $ to 6 cells shall be cleaned or washed with the water.
  • Blastocyst if there must be multicellular embryo hatched usually for egg collection for 5 or 6 days.

How long does Embryos be stored?

Usually, an embryo can be stored for lasts up to 10 years but in some cases, the period may extend up to 55 years but it is not up to the sound quality after 20 years of the embryos to be freeze for such a long period. As it has some side effects of storing these kinds of embryos for a longer period of time and also it costs so high because it needs very high temperature for freezing. But it must be reviewed after every 10 years.

Embryo freezing cost in Kolkata- most appropriate cost in India

  • Embryo freezing in Kolkata is the most wonderful experience in the whole country which cost so less so that can be easily affordable by all the couples who are facing infertility.
  • Embryo freezing cost in Kolkata is the most appropriate cost which is only in INR 20000 but for every additional year it is in INR 8000 for every year to preserve embryo from being died and lasts for long that can be effective.
  • As per the cost-effective proportion and also for most wonderful experience to get the embryo to be freeze for longer and also lasts for longer up to the specified period of time and in the appropriation of this.
  • Forgetting the best treatment for embryo freezing cost in Kolkata should be the most cost-effective with more to be focused on cause and effect criteria to be covered within an affordable cost of INR 20000 with additional for every year it is only in INR 8000.

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