About Us

Welcome to the Gestational surrogacy India. As we as all know that we are in this medical services from many years even we are a well –known name in the field of the medical tourism. The term surrogacy refers to the condition when a woman is not able to have conceived the child so through the other woman’s womb she receives the biggest happiness of her life. We all know the value and the importance of the children in our life because children are not a way by which the vicious circle of the generation to generation move but it is the best way by which we can easily realize that they are some responsibility that we have to complete it without any kind of profit. With children, we realize that we are a family.

For us, the biggest inspiration is the family that provides us equal energy and the equal courage to work. From the last five years, we are providing the best services and deliver more than 1000 successful surrogacy cases.

Either we are experienced or not still there is some question that always hit in the mind of the recipient because for them it’s the first chance and we know that you are afraid because more than life it is the matter of the future of the family.

Now look at the benefits to having surrogacy treatment from us:

The first benefits to having surrogacy treatment from us:

Adaptable and the authentic legal facility: From the experience to the recipient who already has the child through surrogacy says that ‘’they face too much trouble in the procedure to travel in their home country with the surrogate child’’. So in that condition we serve the best legal facility for the heterosexual, homosexual and the gay couple as well.

Flight to Flight services:

Flight to Flight services

As we all know that for the recipient of the surrogacy in a new country is very hard to get the treatment so for the comfort of the patient we serve the facility of the flight to flight services it means whenever the patient arrived at the airport it is our responsibility to pick up and after the treatment to drop them at the airport with the complete care.

IVF and surrogacy in the multiple countries:

Our health services are not just limited to the India, it is beyond the borders because the surrogacy program is available in the Russia, Ukraine, Cambodia, Georgia, India, U.S and Mexico and the treatment of the IVF is available in Poland, Prang, and Czechoslovakia.  Either you live in a small town or in the metropolitan country to provide the best medical services are the biggest mission for us.

Specialized VIP care procedure:

We are offering the specialized VIP care facility to the patient, it means they can select the appointment and the doctor in any country at their own. Even the timing of the check up as well a car facility from treatment center to the hotel as well. Even they have the right to choose the surrogate mother.