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The journey of life
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Gestational Surrogacy India Know more about Being a mom and dad through surrogacy is the ultimate blessing, filled with moments of joy, love, and challenges.
Why choose surrogacy India?

Transforming Dreams with Expert Fertility Care

Surrogacy India is the best option. As it provides top results. So every couple can have a healthy baby. Also, no method is like surrogacy. Because it directly offers the baby in the couple’s hands. And the couple can become parents successfully. Many intended parents want to have the process. So, you can have surrogacy in India.

Before it, you need to confirm other details. As surrogacy is the third-party reproduction process. And many countries have their laws. It helps in managing illegal activities. So, the process does not offend a person’s human rights. You might have many questions regarding the method. And having the right answer is necessary. So you have landed on the right page. Because we have mentioned all the necessary details

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    Expert Care

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    Affordable Costs

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Success Rates at Gestational Surrogacy India

At Gestational Surrogacy India, we pride ourselves on our high success rates, achieved through advanced medical techniques, rigorous surrogate screening, and personalized care. Our experienced team ensures each surrogacy journey is handled with precision and compassion, leading to consistently positive outcomes. Trust us to guide you towards a successful and fulfilling path to parenthood

"Empowering your journey with comprehensive fertility solutions."
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Services We Provide
To Our Clients

Our services include IVF, ICSI, egg donation, surrogacy, fertility preservation, and comprehensive fertility assessments for successful parenthood.

IVF Treatment

Advanced fertility treatment for achieving pregnancy through assisted reproductive technology.

Surrogacy Treatment

Surrogacy Treatment

Surrogacy treatment involves a surrogate mother carrying a couple's baby. - Gestational Surrogacy India

ICSI Treatment

ICSI Treatment

ICSI treatment involves injecting a single sperm directly into an egg to achieve fertilization.

EGG Donar

Egg Donor

Egg donation involves a woman donating eggs to help another conceive a baby. - Gestational Surrogacy India

Surrogacy in 9+ Country

Legal, safe surrogacy options available in over nine supportive countries.

The following are the detailed surrogacy laws in India:

  • Surrogacy India is only legal for Indian couples. As they have Indian citizenship.
  • With it, it has the age criteria for the couple. As the female partner must have 23 to 50. And for the male partner, it is 26 to 55.
  • The intended parents must be heterosexual couples. Because the same-sex or single person cannot have.
  • Moreover, the couple must have been married for a minimum of five years.
  • With it, the altruistic form is only the legal form. And surrogate mother compensation is illegal.
  • Also, the surrogate mother in India age is between 25 to 35. Because the advanced age can cause issues in pregnancy.
  • The couple has experienced extreme infertility. As other ART methods (IVF, ICSI), etc have not worked.
  • Also, they should not have a child through any other method. Such as adoption or own.
  • International residing couples with Indian citizenship can select the process. As they are OCI (overseas citizen of India) or POI (person of India) cardholders. Also, they have extreme infertility issues.
  • Moreover, any widow or divorcee woman can have surrogacy. As she has an extreme infertility condition. The age up to  45 years age with self gamets 
  • In the process, the couple cannot use the donor eggs or sperm. Because it only performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm.
  • Only the gestational process is legal. It means the couple’s eggs and sperm will fertilize.
  • It also involves state government interference. As they decide on the process and couple before starting.

Not Eligible for Surrogacy in India?

We have provide legal surrogacy options in following countries too


Legal surrogacy for married couples and co habiting partners


Legal surrogacy for married couples


Legal surrogacy for married couples


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners, single male / female and LGBT


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners and single male / female


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners, single male / female and LGBT


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners, single male / female and LGBT


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners, single male / female and LGBT


Legal surrogacy for married couples, partners, single male / female and LGBT

Gestational Surrogacy India

To know that “How to Get Pregnant with Best Fertility Treatments

Gestational surrogacy in India offers affordable, high-quality medical care. Intended parents use their own or donor eggs and sperm, with the surrogate carrying the baby to term. Legal support is available.

  • High-tech clinics worldwide.

    We are providing the facility of the high-tech fertility clinic in India, Russia, Mexico, US, Cambodia, and Ukraine

  • Global legal facilities.

    The benefit of us is the adaptable and the authentic legal facilities for the recipient of all the countries

  • Surrogacy in 9+ Country

    Surrogacy services available in 9+ countries, offering diverse, legal, and inclusive options for all types of families worldwide.

  • Affordable surrogacy services.

    Surrogate mothers, Surrogacy clinics, Legal facilities with the reasonable price are the USP of us.

Gestational Surrogacy India

"Gestational surrogacy in India: your affordable,
caring pathway to parenthood, supported every step."


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We are blessed with the two kids through gestational surrogacy India. Directly from our heart thank you from giving us the biggest happiness in the world.

Linda and Sam (UK)

You are the right place for the happiness of parenthood because we visit many of the local surrogacy clinics, but we find the right guidance from gestational surrogacy India.

Rosalinda and Emanuel (New Zealand)

Many people misguide us, we lose our hope that we will conceive the child or enjoy the life of the parenthood but gestational surrogacy India emerge as the helping hand for us.

Yong and Chen ( China)

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