What is the connection between Stress and Fertility?

connection between Stress and Fertility?
What is the connection between Stress and Fertility?

What is the connection between Stress and Fertility?

  • As suggested by the doctors and experts that in today’s life stress becomes the cause for infertility that means that the busy schedule makes you stressful which binds the woman from not becoming pregnant and it may be the stress to be felt by any one member from the couple whether the male member or the female member from the couple.
  • When the person is stressed generally he or she don’t want to have sex as often and commonly seen in the most general cases and also indulge in the habits relative to smoke and drink and other related bad habits which may have to be negatively known conception as the case may be in which both partners have negatively conception for the same procedure to be done.
  • In case of women who are facing stress issues or issues related to depression can be made the cause for ovulation and also affects the process by altering the signals to the hypothalamus which triggers the brain from the center and regulate the hormones of the body to trigger the ovary to release the eggs every month.
  • Women under non-stop stress may ovulate less as in comparing with the other woman who is stress free and for the woman who is suffering from stress may have problem in conceiving or to plan the child even at that point of window when she is more fertile but not able to do so because of having been suffered from the problem related to stress.

Stressful job – may also be the trouble in getting pregnant to the woman as she becomes depressed and not able to conceive

  • If the woman is doing job which is very stressful may laid down the woman not to be able to conceive because the body is not been working properly and the mind is in the control of stress and the body delivers the process which is a harmful one for the woman who wants to conceive but can’t be able to because of the problems related to stress and depression as the body and mind both are depressed and disturbed.
  • Because for the happy pregnancy both body and mind should be properly working in order to get the best success results related to this performance to be made well in such a respect.
  • As most of the studies are to be there where mostly it can be seen by the stress and fertility which should be looked upon the woman who are facing the issues of stress and fertility which are seen on an average almost in 50 % cases in which woman feels depressed.

How to reduce stress related to infertility issues?

  • Strike a warrior pose.
  • Conk out earlier.
  • Have sex regularly but not of the kind to get pregnant but simply.
  • Do activities to avoid or reduce stress.
  • Scribble it down.
  • Talk to a pro.

Is stress the cause for not getting pregnant to the woman suffering from stress?

  • It’s like your body is trying for the ovulation but the stress helps to delay the same for the longer period which must be appropriated during the whole process, the good news is that to induce stress delay for not stopping woman from getting pregnant.
  • That means it provides woman for having sex every 2 or 3 days throughout your cycle of ovulation without any pain or cramps to be felt with the same.
  • A delay in and by itself does not delay one’s menstrual period but can be delayed in the ovulation cycle of which can be postponed to about 12 to 14 days for the normal cycle unless the cycle period delayed throughout the process.

Symptoms of Egg release

  • Light spotting or discharge.
  • Libido changes.
  • Changes in the cervix.
  • Heightened sense of smell.
  • Cervical mucus changes.
  • Breast soreness or tenderness.
  • Mild pelvic or lower abdominal pain.

Ovulation prediction requirements

  • Basal body temperature monitoring.
  • Menstrual charting.
  • Ovulation kit.
  • Fertility monitoring.

FAQ’s to be asked regarding what is the connection between stress and fertility?

  1. Can infertility cause stress?

Yes, due to the infertility issues it is seen by the researchers that 40% women who are facing infertility issues and that can be stressful as they are trying to conceive by having the intercourse with the partner without any protection to be used but not able to conceive is the main cause of stress to be felt regarding this.

  1. Does stress affects the quality of the sperms?

Emotional stress about fertility that affects the hormones for the sperm production and the quality of the sperms which reduces male fertility and directly affects the process of male fertility.

  1. Can stress affect the sperm production?

Stress may damage the cells that produce sperms and in the research, it is seen that the cells affect the quality and sperm production which is caused due to stress.

  1. What to do to increase sperm count?

There are 10 ways to boost sperm and increase male fertility

  • Take D –aspartic acid supplements.
  • Regular exercise to be done.
  • Taking a healthy diet.
  • Having the required quantity of vitamin C.
  • Relax and minimize stress up to minimal.
  • Try Tibullus Terrestris.
  • Take fenugreek supplements.
  • Intake enough amount of zinc.
  • Sperm mobility.
  • Testosterone levels.
  1. How does the stress affect the ability to conceive?

Stress can affect interfere with conception. It is so because stress can affect the functioning of the hypothalamus. It can affect the hormonal level and also the ovaries to release eggs which are of fine quality but if you are stressed out in an excessive way then you may experience to have later in your cycle or not at all to produce eggs neither of qualitative or even in some cases no eggs should be released in some other cases if the woman feels stress.

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