G estational Surrogacy India endeavors best to offer affordable and accessible treatments to its patients. Its competitive prices and the other new low-cost price packages aim to go well with every budget and every patient looking to begin his/her family.

Its price list has composed well to show an inclusive transparency of costs all through the treatment. In order to keep you content with IVF cost, the fertility clinic is dissimilar among other agencies in the country, and gives you every program as a package that includes all necessary organizational and medical services. Here, you may have a package you do enjoy the following advantages with:

  • Each package program clearly enlists all the procedures that you are enabled to, with clear payment dates.
  • We have a fixed package price that will remain unchanged during the course of your program;
  • No hidden costs involved, your payment schedule is completely written into your contract and cannot be varied;
  • Our price policy is clear and simple, letting you to manage over all expenses during your program.  
  • Cost of services (25,000-30,000 USD dollars for embryo transfer) that are not generally included in the package (e.g. multiple attempt embryo transfer packages) appears to be paid one time. Meaning that you become failed with 1and 2 embryo transfer, and then we will give other embryo transfers (till the last) at the same cost decided for one or two time embryo transfer.