I t is donated by the couples who already has the children for those couples who can’t produce their own child and we call it a third-party reproduction. Even the embryo donor could be anyone either the relative, friend or the anonymous of the recipient. Even many from us wanted to know that what is the success rate to conceive the child through embryo donor in that situation the success rate is touching the sky through us, more than 75% of people conceive the child by embryo donor. Most of the time this process takes place for the option of the fertility in FET( Frozen Embryo Transfer).

The embryo donor is not an easy job because after donate or the before from it need clearance from the medical clearance means a person should be healthy without any injury and will not be addicted to smoking and other social evils as well. Clinic clearance, it refers to the procedure steps after the process of it the embryo visited the clinics for the complete check up either no abnormality. If the clinic clearance is positive so after it, that transfer into the uterus of the woman’s body. Embryological clearance, means someone expert in the process of it because after the medical and the clinic clearance the vital role is by the embryologist because they transfer the embryo in the body of the woman if the uterus accept it so it means that that the process is successful but if is not what’s the problem and in which process the uterus of woman or in the embryo so it play an important role in it.

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Embryo donor has many steps:

What is the meaning of the frozen embryo?

The meaning if the frozen embryos are FET means frozen embryo transfer, it is a cycle where a frozen embryo from a previous and fresh IVF cycle is thawed and transferred back into a women’s uterus. The benefit to having it in the human body is, after the process of it there is no need is left for the cycle of hormone stimulation and the egg collections.

Who need the process of the frozen embryos?

The only need of the frozen embryos when a person has already faced failed IUI procedure or the presence of extra embryo from an initial IVF cycle. Basically through the use of it a person can easily change the perspective that beyond IVF process that are another alternative to conceive the child.

How long can the embryo be frozen?

The time limitations, everyone wants to know that what is the time limit or how long it can be frozen because on the basis of it the embryo gets select and then transfer into the uterus of the women. So, the embryo frozen procedure is done from the 13 years and the child can easily born with through it without any kind of malformations or genetic defections. Even the embryo is frozen at the 31 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.