D ue to the medical or some of the career-oriented reasons most of the couples are not able to conceive the child and we all know that after the married how important it is to plan a family and in a family children always play an important role. There are two kinds of medical reasons not to conceive the child and there is two types of possibility to conceive the child the first one is when a couple is dealing with the medical reason and there is a possibility that with the medication and the treatment this disorder will cure but there is a miserable situation when after all the efforts and the complete treatment still there is no hope to conceive the child because all the treatment trial are failed so the one and only way that is left to enjoy the parenthood is the ‘’surrogacy treatment’’. In short language, the true meaning of surrogacy is when a couple is not able to conceive the child. The meaning of the surrogacy is when the woman carries the child in her womb and after completing the whole procedure of the normal pregnancy life deliver the child to the another woman. The women who carry the child is called the surrogate mother and the mother who grown up the child but not give birth to the child is called intended parent.

As we have already said that most of the time not to conceive the child has many medical reasons but for the treatment it is very important to have the complete knowledge and the information to the reason of infertility because according to it the treatment will work and on the basis of the patient’s health and the condition there are different types of surrogacy now look at them briefly because many people think that to select the option of surrogacy the child will not connect with them on the genetical basis.

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Traditional surrogacy and Donor Sperm:

W hen the surrogate mother uses artificial insemination, like- IUI and IVF but on the place of an intending father, she uses donor sperm of another. In this process, the child directly linked to the donor sperm and surrogate mother.

Gestational Surrogacy:

B ecause of some medical issues when the intent mother is not able to carry a baby to term her egg so the sperm of intent father used to create a Donor embryo through IVF and that embryo takes place into the surrogate mother. In the process, the child indirectly related to the intended parents.

Gestational surrogacy and egg Donation:

B ecause of some reasons when to intend mother is not able to produce her eggs so the surrogate mother contains an embryo from an egg donor and this embryo fertilized in the intend father’s sperm. With this  procedure the child biologically linked to the intended parent, there is no relation with a surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy and Donor sperm:

W hen the intended father is unable to produce eggs so, in that case, the surrogate mother contains an embryo that is established by the intended mother, if she is also not able to getting pregnant. After this process, the child directly linked to the intended mother without any hand of the surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy and Donor embryo:

W hen both intended parents are not able to conceive a child so the surrogate mother carries a donate an embryo with this process the child does not belong to any of the intended parents.

Now we are ensuring that after finding all these options you’re all doubts will clear without. So, surrogacy is the best options for those who are planning to have the child through surrogacy.  Even if you are thinking that  there is any of the  procedure of the surrogacy so, in that case, every surrogacy has the different type of process because all of them totally depend on the treatment, surrogacy clinic and the history of the patient.

Types Of Infertility:

[toggle title=”Primary infertility: ” state=”open”]It is referred to the couples who have not become pregnant after at least one year’s having sex without using birth control methods.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Secondary infertility: ” state=”open”]This type of infertility refers to the couple who have been able to get pregnant at least one but now they are not able to conceive the child anymore.

Now the next question that will bend in your mind is what is the success rate of the surrogacy because in a way the success rate has much other reason as well like- the reasons of infertility, the condition of the patients, what types of surrogacy the intended patients select and many more.


Success Rate of surrogacy:

[one_half]D ue to the advanced age and the medical reason most of the patient is not able to conceive the child but the patient really wanted to know that before the big step in their life what is the success rate of this procedure because in a way the recipient is investing time money and the trust as well because for most of the patient surrogacy is the last option to conceive the child basically a last hope to enlarge the size of the family.[/one_half][one_half_last]Success Rate of surrogacy[/one_half_last]

Surrogacy is the various countries:

T here is a less lucky country where the surrogacy procedure is legal and the all types of surrogacy treatment is available with including India, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Cambodia, UK, US, and Georgia. Even you will be glad to know that the patients can easily all kinds of medical facility and the complete surrogacy treatment with the reasonable price and the legal facility for which most of the patient afraid to have surrogacy treatment are flexible and the cooperative towards the patients. Even all these countries are playing an important role in the field of the medical tourism because nowadays most of the patient are interested in having the surrogacy treatment in all these countries.

Surrogacy Law in the different countries:

A s we have already mentioned that the surrogacy law is different in every country but in India surrogacy is legal for the Indian and the married couples, in Ukraine and the Georgia surrogacy is legal only for the married couple and for the confirmation it, the patient should have the two years of marriage certificate, on the other hand, the surrogacy law is more elastic and dexterous in the Mexico, Russia and Cambodia because every type of surrogacy is legal for heterosexual, homosexual, gay and the single parents as well. Even the patient can easily interact with them and have lots of the benefits with including the FRRO exit, baby passport, Baby birth certificate after the birth of the baby the parents can easily travel in their home counter with having this wonderful experience most of the patient are planning to second child through surrogacy it means their first experience is very adorable.

Surrogate home:

M ost of the time the surrogate mother live at their own home but in most of the clinics provide the surrogate home as well even the intended parent is free to interact with the surrogate mother. In the surrogate home, our main focus is the spiritual activity and all the doctor and the staff check their diets and medical check up on the daily basis. The distinctive goal of us is to educate them about the complete process of surrogacy, teach them their rights, the duties, responsibilities and suggest them to stay away from the social evils like- smoking, alcohol drinks and the drugs because it is not good for their health and the welfare of their children as well.

Client experience: Before selecting us, the patient can see the experience of the other patients for the satisfaction.

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Support and the care that is the two things that we are taking back from here because these two things force us to think that we should plan our family after the seven years of marriage and when the fertility expert said that due to of the complication you can’t conceive the child so then we got realizes that now it’s too late but through surrogacy our life is on the track.

Tom and Florida.