IMSI in Mumbai: a boon for all South Indian

How does hoes IMSI treatment work?

Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) is a new technique for IVF treatment.  The couple might be infertile either due to the male or due to the female. The working of IMSI starts with examining the sperm cells at high magnification (5 times higher than normal size). After the magnification of the sperm cells, one of the healthiest looking sperm cells is selected and injected into the egg cell for the safest fertilization. The IMSI is the latest and modern procedure for the IVF treatment.

IMSI Treatment mumbai
IMSI Treatment Mumbai

Best for the stressed sterile couple to get rid of it

 This is a new artistry for male infertility has now come to the almost all the reachable Indians as the IMSI treatment. Mumbai has installed all the needed equipment for the treatment. The IMSI center Mumbai has installed the microscope which can approximately magnify the sperm cell size to nearly 16 times larger. Now the time has come for the sterile male to get free from stress and have a test tube baby through the treatment.

Success rates of IMSI treatment in Mumbai

The treatment is somewhat similar to other IVF treatment in regard to injection of the sperm to the egg cell. But the treatment is different from other in the sense of the success rate of the treatment. The IMSI treatment in Mumbai has the success rate of 66% (of fertilization) and the other treatment has the maximum success rate up to 16 %( of fertilization). The experts are recommending the IMSI treatment other male sterility treatment as ICSI. The experts have reported that the IMSI treatment forms the best quality of embryos, better than the blastocyst formation resulting better pregnancy rate.

Pros of IMSI in Mumbai

In the modern and rapidly developing era of infrastructure and technology, the things have quietly become easy to cope with? People had made numerous inventions in the field of medicine and science, due to which now the IVF treatment had fine different ways. IMSI treatment had found the way to extract the healthiest sperm from the infertile male to facilitate the fertilization.  This can be the best way for the infertile couple to have a baby sooner from their own gene with high success and accuracy.

Cons of IMSI in Mumbai

The treatment might be a bit costlier than rest all IVF treatment. The treatment has the least negative points as it is literally the best way for the sterile one to have a chance to get their own kind. The treatment needs the best expert as some serious and minute work is to be done. So well-practiced team is needed as little careless may disturb the accuracy.

Cost of IMSI treatment in Mumbai

The treatment would cost would be fair and the best among all other centers. The cost of the treatment can be afforded by almost all middle-class family. The treatment cost around 12000US$. This approximation is the maximum it would vary between 8000-1200US$. As the treatment is more or less done using the modern technology and highly costing equipment so the cost had increased from rest all treatments.  The treatment cost is a bit more but the asset one is going to instead of this money is great so don’t think about price as you are getting a priceless thing of the world.

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