IUI treatment in Mumbai: unique way for the unhappy couple to be blessed with child

How does the IUI treatment works?

The treatment ends with the modern process of placing sperm inside women uterus for the make the fertilization easy. In case if the couple is facing sterility due to the least chance of having fertilization inside the uterus. In such cases, the goal of IUI is to facilitate the fertilization by increasing the number of sperm reaching in the fallopian tube of the uterus. The washed semen is directly transferred into the uterus via a catheter.

IUI Treatment in Mumbai
IUI Treatment in Mumbai

Best for the sterile one at least risk.

The IUI in Mumbai is the best among all other infertility treatments. The treatment involves the least risk as the procedure does not demand many drugs and all. In the modern era of increasing technology, the health has got a very adverse effect. Infertility is one of the serious issues of the Hindu culture people. The infertile couple can have an option of IUI treatment which has the very minimal cost of the treatment at the least risk.

The success rate of IUI treatment in Mumbai

IUI treatment in Mumbai is being practiced with all the modern equipment and all other needed facilities. The treatment is being practiced by the best team in the world.  The IUI treatment Mumbai team had managed all the needed sterilize equipment for the patients for the better result and ease of the patient. In spite of these, all the success rate of IUI treatment depends upon the couples fertility problem and age.  It is found that the success rate of pregnancy is only 4-5 percent in natural case (without drugs). If drugs are used the success rate increase to 7-16 percent.

Pros of IUI treatment in Mumbai

IUI treatment is well preferred for healthy women. A women’s fallopian tube must be open and must ovulate through low doses of medication. The purpose of placing sperm is preferred only to increase the chance of fertilization. IUI treatment is no doubt a bright and economic way for a sterile couple to have their own one. The objective of IUI is to increases the number of sperm reaching the fallopian tube which subsequently increases the chance of fertilization. The benefit of the treatment is it has a quiet low adverse effect.

Cons of IUI treatment in Mumbai

It is not the best treatment among all the infertility treatment for all the cases. The treatment has comparatively less success rate than other treatments. It depends upon cases; sometimes it causes side effects too.

Cost of IUI treatment in Mumbai

IUI cost Mumbai is very least as compared to another cost. The treatment may cost at least as 5000-10000 rupees and the maximum up to 20000 rupees.  There is sometimes little more expensive than this as the requirement of ultrasound may be there.

IUI cost in Mumbai has always tried to show a positive attitude towards the people who want to be blessed with a child and due to the poor financial profile, they deny to get treatment.

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