IVF for HIV patients in Chennai

IVF for HIV patients in Chennai
IVF for HIV patients in Chennai

Understanding the meaning of HIV

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus caused by some serious conditions either in male or in female. Through HIV a person can lose the immune system to fight against the disease and lose its ability to perform well to fight against the diseases related to infertility and other issues also.

HIV should take years to weaken the immune system within the person’s body and affects inner body immune system and person loses immunity and sometimes results in AIDS. Since there is not any treatment found for AIDS but however it can be cured with medicines but only medicines help to lower down its impact but not eliminate the disease and slow down the development of the disease as for the best treatment to be maintained with the best development of the diseases to be made with such an efficiency to be made in such regard.

Causes of HIV

HIV kills CD4 cells which play a vital role in fighting for the diseases causing HIV and in other diseases also and weakening the immune system of the person who is facing HIV diseases.

HIV can be caused by Sexual contact, blood transfusion, using same needles and also relative to breast feeding and pregnancy.

  • Sexual contact

A male or a female partner can be affected through the HIV disease to be caused by another partner during sexually contacted with the other partner that means vaginal, anal or oral sex with an infected person can cause HIV during the semen or vaginal secretion or at the time blood entering the body can cause these kinds of infections at the highest level that to increasing the chances of entering in the body of the partner as well.

  • Blood transfusion

It can be seen by the doctors or the experts that HIV can be transmitted during blood transfusion also.

  • By using the same needle

HIV can also be caused by sharing the same needle which is being used by the HIV patient as HIV can be contaminated within the blood and causing the blood infections and can be separated by the usage of same needle of HIV patient.

  • Breast feeding and Pregnancy

Mothers who are suffering with the disease of HIV can also infect their baby during pregnancy and also at the time of breast feeding.

IVF treatment for HIV patients can be a possibility

IVF for HIV patients in Chennai is a possible treatment these days because the treatment can be made sarcastic these days with all the possible help to be taken from the experts for making the treatment successful and the medicines to be recommended by the experts and also the latest technology and machinery to be used by the experts of our clinic so the treatment of IVF for HIV patient is being a possibility these days that can be made effective treatment as well for making this as a possibility without the transfer of these kinds of diseases further in the child’s body during pregnancy or at the time of breast feeding as is the matter to be resolved by getting the treatment for In Vitro Fertilization to be done for the patient and to be made it with full proficiency in the whole state and within the country with more and more success chances of more than 65% to 70% successful rates and the best success results to be seen at our clinic in Chennai and getting the best results within the country.

Infections common in case of HIV

  • Tuberculosis (TB)

TB is the most common infection in case of HIV disease and also becomes the leading reason of death for the disease to be made for the people suffering from these diseases.

  • Cytomegalovirus

This generally happen virus to be spread in body fluids such as saliva, blood, urine and semen and breast milk. It can only be having the strong system immunity and deactivates the virus and also causing damage to eyes, digestive tract, lungs and also other body organs to be affected through such viruses.

  • Candidiasis

It is the common disease to be caused by HIV. It causes swelling and also the thick white layer on the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue and also in the vagina.

  • Cryptococcus Meningitis

The swelling of the membrane and fluid adjoining brain and spinal cord and is the common infected nervous system infection infected with the fungus found in soil which is connected with HIV diseases.

  • Toxoplasmosis

This is an infection mainly caused by cats and infects the HIV patients by the cats as infected cats transmits the parasites in their stools and parasites will then spread the disease to other animals and as well in humans too.

IVF cost for HIV patients

IVF cost for HIV patients in Chennai is the least cost which can be the minimum cost as to be made effective for even the patients suffering from HIV within the minimum cost for IVF treatments for the patient who required this kind of treatment for making the best treatments with the expert’s advice to be made effective in such a respect that can be made proclaimed with such kind of treatments to be made a healthy and wise treatment with all the qualified treatments made in such respect within a minimum cost of about INR 90000 which is very minimal in comparing with any state in the country and also if compared within state and also if compared with other countries also the prices we are offering is the least one for HIV patients thinking of IVF treatments.

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