How Much Does PICSI Cost in Chennai

PICSI Cost in Chennai 2018
PICSI Cost in Chennai 2018`

PICSI – about and process for better understanding


  • PICSI (Pre selective Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the technique which is used for selecting the best possible sperm which is used for further fertilization process and helps in forming embryo and then transferred the formed embryo in the woman’s womb.
  • As fertility can be totally measured on the basis of the quality of sperms and the eggs for such a process to be made effective for reproduction by using reproduction’s natural method.
  • Qualitative better gametes results in better fertility rates that can result obviously in better ratio with best desired results.

Advantage of PICSI: – as PICSI is considered as a physiological procedure and helps in choosing the best sperm for further ICSI treatment.

Procedure for PICSI

  • PICSI is the technique that helps in the stimulation of the natural selection of the matured sperm for further process called as ICSI.
  • If we talk about the natural conception so in natural conception, fertilization of oocytes only occurs by the sperm that helps in binding the surface of oocytes. This only done with the help of the matured sperms.
  • PICSI then includes small droplets of hyaluronan to be mixed up with the sperm sample which is taken then during the process.
  • The sperm which is then attached to hyaluronan is then selected for further IMSI process.

PICSI cost in Chennai – the best and appropriative cost within the country

  • As PICSI is the other treatments for infertility so the treatments should be of different amount as in comparison to IVF, ICSI, mini IVF or many other treatments like TESA and PESA to be of other relative treatments as well.
  • As for infertility issues to be resolved now a day IVF must be a common among all the relative treatments and must be having good success rate but PICSI is the other relative treatment which can be treated for the childless couples to be blessed with a child of their own.
  • For this treatment regarding infertility promotes less costing and meditations is also needed less and treatments with these kinds of practices to be cured with this respect.
  • As PICSI treatment cost in Chennai must be within INR 180000 to INR 200000 which must be a suitable amount to be spent by the couple who is facing these kinds of treatments.
  • For PICSI treatments, very less amount is to be spent so as to get the desired results for the best and world class treatments within the whole country.

PICSI fees – an investment amount which must be having desired suitability

  • PICSI charges in Chennai are the most suitable amount in all over the country and in other states of the country also where there are too minimum costs that can be afforded with ease by many childless couples who wants their own child and wants to become the proud parents of the healthy child.
  • PICSI fees in Chennai are the rates that can be more effective with more success chances and must be within a reasonable amount that can be spent with ease so to get the resultant process with little investment of only in INR 180000 to INR 200000 which is not a huge amount that it cannot be spent, but it is to be seen that the fees offered by our clinic in Chennai must be very appropriate that it can be affordable by middle or rich section of the society.
  • As if we compare the cost with other states, Chennai should be at the least among the whole country which is very minimal and with better resultant it should be nothing in front of the child and becomes the proud parents of the healthy child which must be in appropriation among the country.

PICSI treatment– the most awesome experience within the whole country

PICSI in Chennai is the most awesome experience which can be experienced by almost many couples who are facing the issues related to infertility and want to treat the treatment for most sufficient results and sufficiency must be needed for this treatment to be done with full efficiency and also our main aim is to provide better and qualified results within minimum costing and to get the desired results for the best and world class treatments for infertility by the infertile couples for getting the promotional programs with results and in minimum costing that can be affordable by all the couples who are in need of this treatment and also with performing results and within exact costing with no extra charges at all.

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