Sperm Donor Cost in Kolkata- Get The Full Details

Grace for the infertile duo to have to accomplish family by opting Sperm Donor-

We are talking about that issue, which has touched its zenith level. Infertility is that deep water problem which became a recurrent topic nowadays. There are numerous methods to throw out this headache. Out of which Sperm Donor is the matchless treatment done to solve the issue of sterility. Sperm Donor in Kolkata till now has presented divine sanction to many infertile couples in their life as a little toddler.

Sperm Donation is a process where male donates his semen (fluid in which sperms are present that is released during ejaculation) to that couple who is unable to achieve their own kid naturally. Sperms are donated either to those women who are unable to get pregnant with their male partner’s sperms due to its inactive and less motility hence not completing the process of fertilization or to that woman who doesn’t have a male partner. Cost of sperm donor varies in different places. Sperm Donor cost in Kolkata is comparatively low among other states in India. It is affordable and under the budget of each sterile duo. Sperm donation can either be successful by Artificial insemination or it can be done by IVF technique.

Sperm Donor cost in Kolkata
Sperm Donor cost in Kolkata

Selecting Sperm Donor –A man can eligible of becoming a sperm donor before certain process –

  • Age of the donor must be between 20 and 40.
  • There will be a test of the donor’s blood and urine to check for any infectious disease. If the reports are healthy, he will be selected as a sperm donor.
  • Genetic Testing
  • Family medical history
  • Semen Test – Donor will have to produce samples of semen for testing. The samples are going to be analyzed for sperm amount, quality and movement.
  • No lubricants or condoms are allowed throughout the sperm donation method. These things will kill sperm cell.
  • You can’t use tobacco or another drug (in any form), and can’t be a heavy drinker to qualify sperm donor.

Before donating the sperm, Donor will likely be asked to withhold from ejaculation (either through sex or through masturbation), for at least 3 days.

Easy on the pocketbook price of Sperm Donor in Kolkata

  Cost of Sperm Donor in Kolkata        INR 33,000

Sperm donation in Kolkata is very cost effective, not for Indians but for the foreigner as well. The sperms will be hold on for utilization in IUI, IVF, ICSI and alternative sterility treatment procedures. The preserved sperm will be used whereas treatment to avoid further sperm extraction from a male. The sperm preservation offers associate adequate chance to realize parentage at any stage of life and provides the happiness of getting a baby once one or two is prepared to conceive. Sperm Donor Database in Kolkata has its highest record to provide sperm to sterile partner and to make these duos on cloud nine feeling after their accomplished family.

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