Egg Donor Clinic in Kolkata – How Much Does An Egg Donor Cost

Infertility – A whale of a can of worm nowadays

One out of seven couple is suffering from infertility problem, and it’s that issue which is expanding more and more. In the case of infertility, either female or her male partner is not able to produce proper ovulation or have active motility of sperm. There are various treatments to throw away this matter of contention and each remedy has its own success rates, depending upon the age of the woman, and the couple’s pre-medical history. Though there are several treatments to solve this issue, some of them are the most productive one. Out of many solutions, the egg donor is the ultimate way to have your own child. Egg Donor Clinic in Kolkata provides the undistinguished therapy to have the infertile couple’s their own child. Egg Donor in Kolkata always has its maximal number for solving the infertility issue.

Egg Donor Clinic in Kolkata
Egg Donor Clinic in Kolkata

Safe Donation healthy Fertilization –

Egg Donor process – Women who can’t make the grade of proper ovulation, and have a poor quality of eggs with which sperm can fuse, for these infertile women Egg Donor is the best option to go through and have the kid by her own. The egg donor is that process where Donor in your fertility clinic gives her own egg to the recipient. At starting, fertility expert of Egg donor centre in Kolkata starts to give fertility drugs and injection to the Donor to receive several eggs for better fertilization. Then, by using the process of IVF, the eggs are fused with sperm from male partner or donor. After fertilization, that embryo is placed in women’s or infertile recipient’s uterus for the process of pregnancy.

Particular points why Couples go for the option of Egg Donor –

  • Women who are not physically fit hence unable to perform proper fertilization, for them Egg donor process is very beneficial.
  • Some women might have the problem of getting improper ovulation.
  • In some women, even if eggs are supposed to form but the quality of eggs are poor and could not achieve fertilization, Egg donor will be the best option.

Those infertile women who are suffering one of the above points generally select egg Donor. Egg donor hospital in Kolkata is beyond compare and those infertile women select Egg Donor in Kolkata always gets blessed results. Fertility experts of Egg Donor in Kolkata are very proficient in their respective field and do their best to solve any fertility issue; they get to the bottom of the issue and keep their promising words till healthy baby didn’t conceive.

Astounding gift for the couples who are infertile –

Yes! You heard right, it’s that miraculous present which every infertile women or duo wants. Donating the healthy eggs from the potent, safe and sound donor will enhance the high ratio of fertilization and thus achieving fine feather baby from the sterile duo. Before selecting egg donor from the clinic in Kolkata there are some screenings and tests, which must be passed by the donor-

  • Physical test and pelvic exam
  • Personal information about the donor’s background.
  • There will be some tests to check if any disease present like HIV, Hepatitis b etc.

If everything goes well, then Egg Donor will be selected for the process. This is neither risk-taking nor any complicated process to go through. One, who has a bad time in fertilization, must go for Egg Donor.

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