ICSI Cost in Kolkata

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Everyone wants the healthy and complete family, to live life brightly & smoothly. But there are some couples who are unable to conceive their own baby naturally after doing more than 12 times unprotected sex in a year, though not able to get pregnant by their own,  that time they decide to do the treatment of sterility. The solution of this contention are various, out of them ICSI technique is the most productive one, which gives the guarantee to provide the fit and fine baby to an infertile duo. ICSI in Kolkata has touched its high noon level these days because innumerable of sterile partner opt for ICSI course of medication. ICSI Cost in Kolkata is relatively rock-bottom from other states of India. Cost of ICSI in Kolkata is popularly priced and under the budget of each one’s pocket to go through this process.

ICSI Cost in Kolkata
ICSI Cost in Kolkata

Why do we say ICSI is more advantageous therapeutics than others are?

Unquestionably, every treatment has its own positive results but when IUI, IVF or maybe other fertility therapy fails then ICSI is that light at the end of the tunnel which actually matters and finally sterile duo gets what they desire. ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This is one of the most effective techniques to get rid of the infertility case. It somehow relates with IVF but not back to the bone. It is the process in which single sperm is directly injected in an egg (oocyte), resulting from more chance of pregnancy juxtaposition of IVF.

Suitable points to do ICSI treatment

  • Extreme less count of Sperm
  • Unusual shape and scrimpy motility of sperms
  • Unsuccessful result of IVF
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • The women whose fallopian tube is either damaged or removed
  • Endometriosis

ICSI – Always be in the forefront and advance approach to deal with infertility problem

ICSI is that workaday treatment which each infertile duo selects. ICSI Charges in Kolkata is approx INR  2,20,000; it may happen you can find less charges of ICSI in some other clinics but before going there you need to check the ICSI success rates of that clinic, its previous database and records.  It may possible that you can make a decision of that clinic which offers less charge of ICSI but be sure to do cross-check of every detail. We provide the best treatment for the patient. Doctors and experts of our team is veteran in their field, solving thousands of infertility issues. Success rate of ICSI in Kolkata is 70-80%, which is higher than other clinics of Kolkata. ICSI fees in Kolkata includes

  • Blood tests, Ultrasound scan, if any
  • Entire procedure of ICSI steps
  • Cost of fertility drugs or medicines
  • Treatment planning
  • Training for how to give injections
  • Collection of the eggs
  • Embryo transfer
  • Sperm preparation
  • ICSI insemination of eggs

In this package, you will get these all the steps covered. ICSI in Kolkata assures you the second to none treatment given to you by the Proficient’s. Pay before think, and have successful medication done.

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