Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata

Now get to the bottom of Infertility by Surrogacy –

It really feels down in dumps when you realize that you are not able to birth your own kid naturally after doing 12 times unprotected sex in a year or so. Kolkata is the place where you find this issue one out of every seven couple. Infertility is that affliction which has turned up many Indian Couples, anyways if there is the Question then we can find its answer too, and in this case, solutions are various, now don’t need to get worried when you are infertile or unable to conceive your own child, even if you have gone through several attempts of fertility treatments. Surrogacy is one of the fairest to middling technique to untangle the issue of sterility. Surrogacy is that Assistive reproductive technique (ART) which has commonly used worldwide to treat the problem of barrenness. Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata deals with this can of worms and gives 100% assurance to the childless couple to give their smile permanently.

Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata
Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata

Who can opt for Surrogacy?

  • Repeated Miscarriages
  • Hysterectomy
  • Absent of Uterus in female or impaired uterus
  • Surrogacy is fruitful for those women who are damn busy in her life and can’t take the risk of being pregnant.
  • Pelvic Disorder
  • Unsuccessful results of IVF/ICSI or any other fertility treatment.
  • Thin Endometrium
  • Abnormalities in the Uterus
  • You are a single man couple or Gay couple

Types of Surrogacy-

Surrogacy is the method where carrier woman carries an embryo in her womb and gives to the intended couple after delivery. This technique is very effective and generally opted by those women or partner who cannot hold the pregnancy. There are two methods to do Surrogacy-

  1. Traditional Surrogacy
  2. Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is more common if we compare to traditional surrogacy on the basis of its steps and ways. Gestational Surrogacy involves the process where a surrogate woman carries the baby, in this method eggs and sperms are received from the intended couple and by the procedure of IVF technique embryo is then transferred into the surrogate uterus. In this surrogacy, the biological and genetic mother is not that woman who will carry the baby because here eggs and sperms are given by the parent itself; hence, this surrogacy is safe and risk-free. Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata lavish upon this technique and give the best efforts to make every step calm and soothing for the infertile couple.

Gestational Surrogate mother must qualify below points –

  • Have given birth previously so that she must have the idea of all rules and regulation in pregnancy.
  • Must be physically fit to conceive the safe and sound child
  • Has a supportive family
  • Should not exceed the age limit of 40

And here the journey stump after getting the seventh heaven

There are some tests before selecting the Surrogate mother in Surrogacy hospital in Kolkata such as her previous medical history, medical checkups, drug screening etc. However, this is the time taking process but when the intended parent receives their own child by the surrogate after nine months of successful delivery, then at that time the parent feels that they are on cloud nine, and this happiness wipe out the sorrow which they suffered in this journey.

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