Traveling infertility

Traveling infertility

For the happiness of the family and when we get to know that the treatment of the infertility is not available in the home country so it is obvious to have the treatment of it in the other country just before traveling into the other country try to focus on the other factors that as being the infertility seekers traveling one place to the other is not first. Before traveling get to know some of the important factors about visiting there if you are planning to arrive here and want to contact us for the process of it so come with the complete procedure of medical treatment it means to do your homework.

Medical cycle:

For the procedure of the IVF come with the second day of the period with the confirmation of the periods if periods are not regular so get the periods on the regular basis. Even the medical reports with including all the tests and the ultra sounds because that will decide that what kind of IVF procedure will be more suitable for the patient. The If the patient is arriving India, so before arriving here  she should communicate with IVF specialist and send them, their medical report on which premises the Doctor can find out the reason and how  long the infertility is? After the confirmation of the appointment, the patient will visit 2nd day of the period at the infertility clinic and in any case the periods are regular so try to visit in the same month.

IVF with EGG donor:

IVF with EGG donorIf you are planning to have IVF with egg donor so the patient should arrive at the 9th day of the period and have to take hormonal injection before the patient is arriving in India after it the woman’s egg has been taken to make embryos upside the body after the complete procedure the embryos transfer to the woman’s uterus. Even two or three days after it the patient can easily travel in their country.

Selection of Accommodation:
The recipient is free to select the place where he or she wants to live basically we are providing them the freedom to have the selection of it and this procedure will take place before the recipient is arriving here. Although they can select it seven stars or the five-star hotel according to their budget. Even most of the time the patient can easily find out the accommodation near the IVF clinics with the complete facility.
The facility of the Proper Pick Up:
We are the only who is providing the facility of the proper pick from the airport to the clinics and the hotel. Whenever the appointment of the patient it is our responsibility to drop the patient at the gate of the clinics and after the treatment picks them from there and again dropping them at the accommodation.
Holidays Allegation:
The treatment of the IVF has a time period so with call or with mail just remember one thing or confirm that in which country you are visiting on the particular date so there is no holiday means there is not a national holiday on that time otherwise there is no benefit to visiting their and your time will also waste. even your treatment will also transfer one day later and that can easily affect your planning to arrive in the home country and your flight details as well. So before coming here get all the answers of your question that is hitting in your and clear your doubts towards the procedure of the IVF because traveling can’t be done again and again.