What is The IVF guaranteed packages in Chennai

IVF programs with 100% money back guarantee scheme to be offered by our clinic in Chennai city

Our main goal is to provide the child to all the patients but if we are not able to then we provide the scheme with money back guarantee with some terms and conditions to be followed up so that the attempts and cycles we are offering should be concluded in that respect and after agreeing to these terms and conditions our experts team of the clinic offering Guaranteed IVF packages in Chennai provides you the program to either choose the program which concludes that either you have a baby of your own or we will refund your money back to you within a specified time period or time limit.

IVF guaranteed packages in Chennai 2018
IVF guaranteed packages in Chennai 2018

For the patients who are choosing the one time fees treatment for the services of the services of the traditional IVF cycle to be paid each time for each cycle and the associated frozen embryo transfer.

If IVF occurs within the cycle of 2 then there is the better option to pay per cycle cost as pregnancy prospects within 2 cycle but if it takes more than that then costing should be preferably choosing for guarantee packages to have the high chances of success and within minimum cost and option for money back guarantee to be there in case of failure.

If there is no pregnancy even after completing the guarantee program, you have the option of getting or taking the money back and your refund can be used to pursue further treatments or other options as well as the case may be prompted in such a regard to be adopted for such other treatments which gives the better results in the treatment for pregnancy.

Fresh IVF cycle Guarantee Program which is used to wipe the tears of the infertile couples

The clinic in Chennai offers 2 types of Guaranteed IVF packages:-

  • Fresh: where own eggs are used.
  • Frozen: where donor eggs are used.

Fresh IVF cycle Guarantee program

  • Offering up to 4 fresh IVF cycles treatments.
  • All the frozen embryos to be transferred between IVF cycles.
  • 100% fees refund if the female is not getting pregnant.

You must apply and must be accepted for this program as diagnostic testing must be completed and as a result, additional premiums may apply. For more than 87% patients may accept all the terms and conditions in such respect to follow up the same.

As the own eggs are being used in such case so it does not pay up the additional cost of donor charges which must be paid in donor eggs usage case but in such a case no donor cost or any additional cost is there as for the IVF packages in Chennai.

Frozen egg donor IVF guarantee program to be used for the IVF packages to be aroused in best deal

  • Up to 4 frozen egg donor IVF treatment cycle (4 thaw, fertilization and transfer cycle).
  • Donor’s screening fees.
  • Donor’s medications.
  • Availability for the frozen embryo cycle.
  • All treatment cost also includes anesthesia cost in this.
  • 100% money back guarantee in case the female is not getting pregnant.

By using the eggs of the donor, it increases the chances of success up to maximum extent of more than 80% to 90% chances of success so as to get the pregnancy rates to be higher by taking the recipient medications such as estrogen and progesterone to be included in such package of guarantee scheme for the treatments of IVF.

By offering the package of IVF in the city of Chennai our clinic is offering the least cost of INR 180000 which is the least cost in the whole country and offering the best success rate of about 80% to 90% with the best qualified doctors of more than 23 years of experience.

IVF guaranteed packages in Chennai INR 180000
IVF success rate 80% to 90%
Highly qualified team of experts 23 years of experience

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