‘’W here we will live the rest of the time’’ that is the next question that will hit in the mind of the patient because if you are traveling in the other country for the process for the fertility treatment so, in that case, we are providing the facility of the accommodation as well according to the condition of the patient even the budget of the patient as well because the expensive of the accommodation is totally separate from it. Now look at the facility that w are offering in the category of the accommodation. The patient will get the well organized five star hotel near the fertility clinic for the IVF treatment and for the surrogacy treatment we are providing the facility of the surrogate home of he as well in any case if the patient is willing to meet the surrogate mother so they are free to interact with them without any kind of objection. The entire hotel has the facility of electricity and the medical care facility because they are specially designed for them.

Well organized:

Well organized

 A ll the guest houses that is specially designed for patient and you will glad to know that the hotels or the guest houses are near the fertility centers as well because in any case if the location is too far way to there are many chances that for the appointment and for the checkup the patient may be getting late.

Nearby the surrogate home:

 T hat we have already mentioned before because it means either you are for the treatment of surrogacy or the IVF both kinds of treatment is available and the other thing is the patient can easily get the best location and the living is according to the treatment. Nearby surrogate home is referred to the location where the intended parents can easily interact with the surrogate mother and for the IVF procedure the patient can easily visit the clinics by walking distance and get the treatment from there.