Your Trip management:

Trip management for IVF

If you already planned that the you are going in the other country for the treatment for the infertility so first of all confirm the location either for the IVF or for the surrogacy just confirm the cycles and complete appointment but before it select the best clinics and the fertility center because your treatment is totally depended on theses key factors if any of the key factor is missing so that can easily create problem for you as well.

Trip management for IVF:

Even the medical reports with including all the tests and the ultra sounds because that will decide that what kind of IVF procedure will be more suitable for the patient. The If the patient is arriving India, so before arriving here  she should communicate with IVF specialist and send them, their medical report on which premises the Doctor can find out the reason and how  long the infertility is? After the confirmation of the appointment, the patient will visit 2nd day of the period at the infertility clinic and in any case the periods are regular so try to visit in the same month. If you are planning to have IVF with egg donor so the patient should arrive at the 9th day of the period and have to take hormonal injection before the patient is arriving in India after it the woman’s egg has been taken to make embryos upside the body after the complete procedure the embryos transfer to the woman’s uterus. Even two or three days after it the patient can easily travel in their country. 

Trip management for Surrogacy:

The reason of infertility and how long it is, and what type of surrogacy you prefer for the trip management of the surrogacy the patient have to concentrate in all these factors because o the basis of it the fertility experts will contact the patient. Even after the birth of the child how much time the FRRO exit, baby birth certificate, and the baby passport basically all these things are totally pivoted on the legalities and the embassy location which means how much time the embassy will so plan your trip acco9oedign o the time duration.

There are other things that also included in the procedure of trip management like the appointment details and which option you select either IVF or the surrogacy. In the category of it accommodation, traveling, clinics details, surrogate mother and the surrogate home as well.