Our team

As he body functions well through support and the dedicated organs so the same thing applies here on the medical staff as well. TO handle such a big project can’t handle by the term of one person. So, we have the complete staff that makes out job easier for us as well as for the recipient as well.

Pankaj Nagpal:

In the industry of the medical services, his name is enough because from the many years his team is serving the best services. As being the best medical consultant, the Mr. Nagpal always stand with the patient’s query and try to provide them the best services. In this position, Pankaj Nagpal is a passionate hospitality professional who has rewritten the principles of customer service in the hospital industry in India. It was his experience at the hospital of meeting numerous patients daily and solving their queries on one side and revamping the departments on the other side.

Mrs. Dolly:

 she is the head of the international client coordinator.  Basically, she has the experience more than five years to coordinator with the client through calls and webmail and convince them the complete procedure that will more suitable for them and for the problems of the patient, they directly contact them.

Ms. Shweta:

 she is expert in to coordinate the clients and confirm their appointment and the traveling date to the doctor and have a trustful relationship with the all the medical agencies When the recipient is visiting the other country so they should contract with her to know the complete procedure of the treatment.

Ms. Priyanka:

She works like a chain between the client and the medical services her main works starts when the patient visit India basically either they are getting the complete medical services and after the arrive from here to their home country so, she try to confirm that the patient will not face Any kind of problem to travel in their home country even after surrogacy and the IVF treatment.