VIP Services

As we have said before that every patient is our responsibility and we respect your privacy so for the patient comfort we are providing those VIP services and that is refers to patient’s demand because it is the optional one and that is specially designed for the special patient so for the VIP services charge extra money because the facility that we shall provide you is beyond and above the services of the normal person as compared to them. Now the next thing that will hit in your mind is what all the facility that the patient will get if they select the option of the VIP services and inform one more thing to you is we are the only one who is providing the freedom to choose the VIP facility at your own because we care for you.

Freedom to select your own manager:

This means the patient is free to select manager as well it means in any case if forget your appointment or any query that is related with the procedure so the manager is always there to sort out the query and the most of the time the patient face communication issue it means the either they are not able to understand their language or other are not able to understand their language so lack of the communication sometimes makes situation very hard to survive so, in that case, the manager that we shall provide has the talent of the multiple languages. Basically, the job of the personal, for IVF procedure is to handle all your appointments and for surrogacy give you the update of the surrogate mother if you are not here for the treatment because we can understand the patient is not easy to travel one place to the other for the surrogacy treatment.

Flight to flight Services:

 This facility that we are the only one who is providing to our recipient, not anybody else. it means the recipient will pick up and drop at the airport basically the patient will be tension free to search the right way of the fertility clinics because we know that many from us are afraid to enter in the new city because to have the chances that anyone can easily misguide if we don’t have the particular knowledge of the place.


The patient will get the well organized five star hotel near the fertility clinic for the IVF treatment and for the surrogacy treatment we are providing the facility of the surrogate home of he as well in any case if the patient is willing to meet the surrogate mother so they are free to interact with them without any kind of objection. The entire hotel has the facility of electricity and the medical care facility because they are specially designed for them.