Safety Of Fertility Destinations

That is the biggest issue that most of the patients are afraid to have fertility treatment in any of the country because it is not the matter of traveling but it is the matter of safety of the recipient because in any case if something wrong happened with the recipient so that can easily have a gauche effect on the medical tourism. There are almost all the facility are similar for IVF treatment and for the surrogacy procedure. As we all know that there is the huge different between process of IVF and surrogacy one is the first hope for the patient and one is the last hope for the patient so the accommodation for both that process has the different. Even if you are thinking that the surrogacy procedure the intended parent have to live in their in country for one year so in that cases your perspective is totally wrong because as compared to the IVF procedure the time limit of the surrogacy is about 7to 8 days and the IVF has 15 days of time limit. Now the matter comes for the security issue select any location we are ensuring that the destination will safe and clean. If you have placed to have the fertility treatment from us so we are providing the facility that is mentioned above:

Tourist Friendly location:

 We are ensuring that the patient will get the tourist friendly location and that is referred to that the recipient can easily get every facility near the location it means that metro, fertility clinics and the best tourist spot even all the cities are crime free. The recipient can easily adjust with them because that is specially designed for them.

Flight to flight Services:

 This facility that we are the only one who is providing to our recipient, not anybody else. it means the recipient will pick up and drop at the airport basically the patient will be tension free to search the right way of the fertility clinics because we know that many from us are afraid to enter in the new city because to have the chances that anyone can easily misguide if we don’t have the particular knowledge of the place.


 The patient will get the well organized five star hotel near the fertility clinic for the IVF treatment and for the surrogacy treatment we are providing the facility of the surrogate home of he as well in any case if the patient is willing to meet the surrogate mother so they are free to interact with them without any kind of objection. The entire hotel has the facility of electricity and the medical care facility because they are specially designed for them.

So welcome to our country without any kind of fear because we always stand with you. Just remember one thing is the expenses of the accommodation is totally different the package that you select for the fertility treatment basically separate for the IVF and the surrogacy.