T he complete name of the PGD is Pre-implantation Genetic diagnosis. As we have already said that the reason to have infertility in the human body either male or female one of the main reason when it is very heard get to know what is biggest reason to have infertility so the point is directly hit up onto the infertility be the genetic disorder. Even it can occur in male and the female partner. Firstly it is very hard to know the reason of infertility and when the doctor or any other person know that the reason of the infertility is related with the genetic disorder so the solution of it is very hard to search because to know how long the genetic infertility is? On the premises of it the treatment will take place for the recipient good will we are the only one who is presenting the solution that is specially designed for the genetic infertility disorder. The procedure f the PGD is not legal or allow in all country and it is only allowed in the few countries and our country is one of the luckiest in all of them.

In simple language, the chromosomes of embryos created through IVF and then transfer into the uterus of the woman where the normal pregnancy takes place.

What is the need to have PGD treatment?  

A s we have already said that the need to have PGD treatment is linked with the problem of the genetic disease and the best idea to have PGD treatment when the woman is to conceive or to have enabled previous pregnancy because of a serious genetic disease. Even most of the both male and female are fertilized but the main concentrate to have the treatment of it, they want to prevent their child to the serious genetic disease basically they don’t want to transfer the child. When the genetic disease is coming like a chain from one generation to other basically when the genetic disease day after day become the family history and the reason to have it is the chromosome problems. The other reason is when the parents to have a child with the genetic disease. According to the medical science, there are totally 250 genetic conditions throughout the body the reasons to have these conditions are very complex and rare even most of the genetic disorder are not very serious and some of them are very critical and the best example of it is the infertility genetic disorder.

PGD treatment

What is the condition of the PGD process?

There is no particular reason to have the PGD condition, but the research demonstrate that the main and most common reason of the infertility is the advanced age of the woman so through this treatment there are no more the reasons of the advanced infertility program. The other medical condition is when all the embryo affected by genetics disease. According to the average eggs are not preceded. Removing  the cells to be analyzed damaged the embryos.