Importance and need of Surrogate Mother in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother in Ukraine is a woman who helps in creating the families for those couples where women are unable to carry the pregnancy in their own womb due to some medical issues with their uterus and the couple needs someone to carry their baby. Gestational Surrogacy India is a medical tourism company which offers the Surrogate Mother in Ukraine who willingly carries the baby for another couple in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby to the intended parents after the baby birth.

Surrogacy is not a one way process that only surrogates carry the baby and intended couple have their baby, however, surrogacy is a two way procedure in which Surrogate Mother in Ukraine agree to deliver the baby for intended couples and intended couples need to bear all the expenses for surrogates until the baby birth which includes food, accommodation, maternity clothing etc. and also they pay the monthly compensation to the surrogates so that they can take the proper diet and medications to achieve the successful results of the procedure. The final leftover balance will be paid to surrogates once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed through ultrasound.

What are the eligibility criteria to become Surrogates in Ukraine?

The women who wish to be Surrogates in Ukraine need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • She should be young, healthy and fertile among the age group of 21 to 35 years to deliver the highest success rates of pregnancy.
  • She should not be addicted to any illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • All the Surrogates in Ukraine need to pass the physiological and medical testing to become a surrogate and also need to be properly screened for her infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis.
  • She should submit her all medical documents at the network hospitals under Gestational Surrogacy India.
  • Generally, the Gestational Surrogacy India medical tourism company preferred married women with kids as they established their ability to bear children as compared to unmarried women.
  • The Surrogates in Ukraine should have full support from her family and friends for carrying the baby in her womb for someone else to whom might they know or never met.
  • She needs to agree for signing the mutual agreement of surrogacy procedure.
  • All the Surrogates in Ukraine do not any previous history of repeated miscarriages.

To whom the Surrogate Mother Ukraine recommended

The Surrogate Mother Ukraine is recommended to the couples by their fertility experts in case they are dealing with the following conditions:

  • In case intended mother is dealing with uterus problem where she cannot carry the baby in her own womb.
  • In case intended mother had the hysterectomy in which her uterus was removed.
  • In a condition where the couple is the gay couple and decided to use the traditional surrogate where one of the partners need to provide the sperm which will be artificially inseminated with surrogate’s eggs and she will carry the baby for the gay couple until baby birth.

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